The Early Years of the Revolutionary Struggle – Part 1 – 19th century – 1936

Yi Ho Tuan fighters attacking the aggressors at Langfang

Yi Ho Tuan fighters attacking the aggressors at Langfang

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The Early Years of the Revolutionary Struggle – Part 1 – 19th century – 1936

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General Information about Chinese Society

Setting up a new home in a mountain village

Setting up a new home in a mountain village

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General Information about Chinese Society

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Now a couple of books produced under a restored capitalist China. Included here for general interest.

Memoirs of a Chinese Marshal, Peng Dehuai, FLP, Beijing, 1984, 523 pages.

KMT war criminal in New China, Shen Zui, FLP, Beijing, 1986, 374 pages.

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