Republic of Georgia

Vandalised Soviet Emblem - Tbilisi

Vandalised Soviet Emblem – Tbilisi

Republic of Georgia

Although geographically a beautiful country the prime importance for this blog is the fact that the Republic of Georgia was the birth place of Comrade Joseph Stalin, the place he developed his revolutionary practice which established the road upon which he walked of the rest of his life.

The fact he was born in a country that was being oppressed by the Russian (Tsarist) Empire was also instrumental in his ability to analyse and develop the ideas of how such dominated nationalities should be incorporated into the revolution of the proletariat and peasantry. This resulted in an early publication of his, Marxism and the National Question (1913), which was used as the basis for the Bolshevik approach to nationalities after the success of the October Revolution in 1917.

Being the homeland of Comrade Stalin it’s perhaps not a surprise that in the town in which he was born (Gori) there’s a museum to his life and work. However, although constantly criticised for promoting the so-called ‘cult of the individual’ this museum didn’t exist in his lifetime and was only established in response to the denunciation of Stalin, at the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, by the arch-traitor and revisionist Nikita Khrushchev.

Conflicts with the now capitalist Russian Federation has meant that a number of Soviet memorials (especially the memorial complex to the fallen in the Great Patriotic War in Vrake Park in Tbilisi) have been allowed to fall into a shameful state of disrepair although they are around if you look for them.

It is hoped to indicate and describe as many as possible on this page.

Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin

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JV Stalin pamphlets, compilations, articles, correspondence and commentaries

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21st December – Anniversary of the birth of Comrade Stalin


Bolshevik Illegal Printing Press – Tbilisi

Mother of Georgia – Tbilisi


Gori – Rediscovered statues of Joseph Stalin

Gori – Stalin Museum


Tskaltubo’s abandoned Spas, Springs and Sanatoria

Spring No. 6 – Tskaltubo

Joseph Stalin’s private bath house, Tskaltubo

Telephone exchange mural – Tskaltubo

Tskaltubo – Prometheus Cave


Mayakovsky in Kutaisi, Georgia