Albania Today – Index – 1985-1990

Young people working on the Shkodra-Han i Hotit railway

Young people working on the Shkodra-Han i Hotit railway

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Albania Today – Index – 1985-1990

Here you will find the list of contents from the issues of Albania Today already posted, or about to be published, on this blog. Where the complete issue is not yet available the intention is to post some of the most important, individual articles.

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No 1 (80) (C)

The 6th Session of the 10th Legislature of the People’s Assembly of the PSRA (From the Report ‘On the Fulfilment of the State Plan and Budget for 1984, the Draft-Plan of the Economic and Social Development and the Draft of the State Budget for 1985’ – submitted by Harilla Papajorgji

The role of the CPA and Comrade Enver Hoxha in the creation of the People’s State Power during the Anti-fascist National Liberation War – Luan Omari

The Albanian national language and our epoch – Androkli Kostallari

Albanian folklore from the past to the present – Alfred Uçi

A review of physical sciences in Albania – Sotir Kuneshka

Vigorous development of our culture, literature and arts – Anastas Kondo

Engineering industry on the road of transformation into machine-building industry – Robert Laperi

The extended reproduction of the work force in the PSRA – Leontjev Çuçi

The emancipation of the woman in our literature – Diana Çuli

The imperialist super powers and the Middle East – Vladimir Hoxha

Press review

  • Imperialist bargainings between Schultz and Gromyko – Zëri i Popullit
  • What is the aim of the old imperialist slogan of ‘Military Equilibrium’ – Zëri i Popullit
  • Military revival of the ‘West-European Union’ – Zëri i Popullit
  • NATO extends its activity to other regions beyond its sphere – Zëri i Popullit
  • Unscrupulous interference in the internal affairs of Nicaragua – Zëri i Popullit
  • The United States and the Soviet Union should be ‘Denuclearised’ before Northern Europe and the Balkans – Zëri i Popullit

No 2 (81) (C)

A great sorrow for the Party and the entire Albanian people

Our people pay homage and bow in deep respect and gratitude to Comrade Enver Hoxha

Enver Hoxha and his work live, and will live, forever – the address given at the memorial rally in Skanderbeg Square by Ramiz Alia

Big memorial rally in the capital

Homages paid to the grave of the beloved and glorious leader

Banner of struggle and inspiration

  • The sorrow still exists, but the strength increases
  • Champions of the application of the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha

The Teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha will live in the minds and hearts of the people forever

  • The Party in action
  • On the Democratic Front of Albania
  • The Source of State Power
  • The Revolution – the only weapon to defeat the strategy of the enemies of the proletariat and the peoples
  • The Revolution and the Peoples
  • The Constitution of our Socialist country is an expression of the will of our people
  • Our Party and People will raise our triumphant flag higher and higher

The Party – the leading force of the People’s State Power – Petro Lalaj and Petro Shapo

The Role of the State in the Development of our Socialist Economy – Hasan Banja and Bujar Kolaneci

The road of the intensive development of agricultural production – Stavri Mitezi

The characteristic features of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation of the Albanian People – Sotir Manushi

National Liberation Movements – Reflections of the hatred of the peoples against the Imperialists – Paskal Milo

No 3 (82) (C)

Our people honoured with profound respect the memory of the martyrs of the nation and the immortal work of Comrade Enver Hoxha – from Ramiz Alia‘s speech to martyrs’ families and veterans of war

The 9th of May – day the day of victory over fascism – From Comrade Prokop Murra’s speech at the Commemorative Meeting

Commemorative Meeting

Party and State leaders lay wreaths at the ‘Mother Albania’ monument and the grave of Comrade Enver Hoxha at the Cemetery of the Martyrs of the Nation

Scientific Conference

We will always follow the teachings of Comrade Enver Hoxha

  • Great rally in the Skanderbeg Square on the occasion of the awarding of the name the ‘The Pioneers of Enver’ to the Young Pioneers Organisation
  • An honour and joy for the whole youth

Cordial meeting of Comrade Ramiz Alia with the people of Vlora district

Comrade Enver Hoxha – founder, organizer and leader of our glorious Party – Foto Çami

Independence and internationalism – basic principles of our National Liberation War – Sofokli Lazri

Lessons that ought not to be forgotten Agim Popa

Tribune of the work and life of the Greek Minority in Socialist Albania – 40th Anniversary of the newspaper Laiko Vima

Communique of the Council of ministers of the PSR of Albania on the Liquidation of the Consequences of the Heavy Snowfall

The narrowing of distinctions between town and countryside is connected closely with the increase of the well-being of the whole society – Nezhdet Hoxha

Press review

  • A new campaign of chauvinist repression against the Albanians of Kosova – ATA
  • Planinc’s tendentious declaration – ATA
  • Only sinister plans need cover-up – Zëri i Popullit
  • Reagan’s grave provocation against the feelings and the anti-fascist war of the peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • The renewal of the Warsaw Treaty is directed against the peoples interests – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘Star Wars’ project – a great threat to all peoples – Zëri i Popullit

No 4 (83) (C)

At the 7th Session of the 10th Legislature of the People’s Assembly

  • Report of the Council of Ministers ‘On the situation of trade service and building in the countryside’, delivered by the Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Comrade Qirjako Mihali

Comrade Ramiz Alia, First Secretary of the CC of the PLA, attends the Party Conference of the Patos oil region

  • Among the oil-workers
  • Cordial meeting with the people of Mallakastra and the Cooperativists of Seman

Comrade Enver Hoxha – the architect of our people’s state power – Rita Marko

Comrade Enver Hoxha’s work ‘Laying the Foundations of the New Albania‘ – an outstanding work of Marxist-Leninist science – Zija Xholi

Albania advances relying on its own forces – Hekuran Mara

The Albanian League of Prizren – one of the most brilliant pages of our national history – Stefanaq Pollo

The development of the technical-scientific revolution in Albania and its peculiarities – Vladimir Misja

The Party – promoter, organizer and leader of the general armed uprising – Maksim Iliriani

A work of great value dedicated to the friendship between the Albanian people and the Greek people – Comrade Enver Hoxha’s new book ‘Two Friendly Peoples

Ethnography and the Albanian village today – Andromaqi Gjergji

Unemployment – an incurable ulcer of the capitalist order – Ahmet Mançellari

The Socialist Order – the most progressive social order

  • The stationing of foreign military bases and troops in the territory of the PSR of Albania is prohibited
  • How does our economy cope with the changes in the international market
  • The stability of out economy has its source in its laws and their consistent application

Press review

  • Bluster and demagogy cannot hide the truth – Zëri i Popullit
  • Bloodshed aimed at burying the Palestinian Question – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘Europeanisation’ Conference of the European Revisionists – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (84) (C)

Enver Hoxha – an ardent internationalist and great friend of the Marxist-Leninists

Albania will always advance on the road of Socialism – Ramiz Alia

The People of Korça and Kolonja meet Comrade Ramiz Alia with great affection and rejoicing

Proletarian Democracy and Proletarian Dictatorship in Socialist Albania – Aranit Çela

Problems of the relations of the Anti-fascist National Liberation War of the Albanian People with the Great Powers of the World Anti-fascist Coalition – Shyqyri Ballvora

Aspects of Socialist Development of Albania after the Second World War – Hekuran Mara

On the new roads of the Albanian Socialist Pedagogy – Hamit Beqja

Some ethnic problems of the ancient history of Albania – Muzafer Korkuti

The exacerbation of the crisis in the Inter-Imperialist ‘Alliance’ between the USA and Western Europe – Genc Mlloja

Socialism – the most advanced social order

  • A people that rejuvenates itself
  • Growing accumulation of an economy in continuous expansion
  • The economic independence of the Albanian women
  • The new mission of museums in socialism
  • A flowering nursery of art
  • Mass character of higher education in the epoch of the Party

Press Review

  • A decade of European insecurity – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘Eureka’ Plan – an aspect of inter-imperialist rivalries – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘New’ EEC-Comecon relations express the capitalist interests of capitalist groupings – Zëri i Popullit
  • Moscow’s ambitions for hegemony in Asia – Zëri i Popullit

No 6 (85) (C)

Enver Hoxha – Banner of Struggle for Freedom and Socialism – Speech at the National Conference dedicated to the Immortal Work of Comrade Enver HoxhaRamiz Alia

A Great Marxist-Leninist Revolutionary and Thinker – Foto Çami

Scientific Conference dedicated to the Immortal Work of Comrade Enver Hoxha

The Albanian People honour with profound love and respect the memory of Comrade Enver Hoxha and his Immortal Work

Comrade Ramiz Alia is awarded the lofty title ‘Hero of Socialist Labour’ on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of his birth

From the life of the country

  • Visit of a delegation of the Algerian People’s National Assembly in the PSR of Albania
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia, received the President of the Algerian People’s national Assembly, Rabah Bitat
  • The Second Colloquium of Illyrian Studies
  • Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Albanian League of Writers and Artists
  • The 6th Festival of the Albanian Feature Film

Studying Comrade Enver Hoxha‘s Works – Invaluable teachings which always underlie the Foundations of the New Albanian Science – Aleks Buda

The revolutionary scientific understanding of people’s well-being – Abdyl Backa

Survey of the development of urban life among the Southern Illyrians – Neritan Ceka

The road of Socialist Albania and the Albanian People coincides with the interests of the peoples of the world – Reis Malile

Press review

  • A fresh anti-Albanian intrigue of the Tanjug – ATA
  • The Superpowers – the cause of rising tension in the Mediterranean – Zëri i Popullit
  • Growth of the Anti-Nuclear Movement in Europe – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Geneva rounds of talks – plans against the peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • The accumulation of capital and the pauperisation of the proletariat – a law of capitalist development – Zëri i Popullit


No 1 (86) (C)

The resolute march on the road of Socialism, on the path blazed by Enver Hoxha, is irreversible – Ramiz Alia

Commemorative meeting of the People’s Assembly dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic

  • From Comrade Pali Miska’s speech

The Land Reform – a step of great historic importance on the road of development of agriculture – Ramiz Alia

  • The first great decision of the Party for the solution of the agrarian question – from Comrade Adil Çarçani’s speech

The hydro-power plant of Koman is a reflection of the strength of Socialist Albania, the strength of our economy – Ramiz Alia

  • The biggest project of our power industry – From Comrade Manush Myftiu’s speech

From the life of the country

  • Communique on the Meeting of the 13th Plenum of the CC of the Party of Labour of Albania
  • The 40th Anniversary of the distribution of the land title deeds celebrated with solemnity
  • Big rally at Koman on the occasion of the inauguration of the ‘Enver Hoxha’ hydro-power station
  • The Albanian people solemnly celebrated the 28th and 29th of November
  • Reception at the Palace of Brigades
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia and other Party and State leaders lay wreaths at the Cemetery of the Martyrs of the Nation
  • Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the creation of the ‘VI Lenin’ Party Higher School
  • The 7th National Conference of the Journalists Union of Albania
  • The 6th National Conference on Geology held its proceedings

Founder, organiser and leader of the Party of Labour of Albania – Pirro Kondi

Chauvinist gallop in Macedonia – Kristaq Prifti and Xhevat Lloshi

Press review

  • Report of the Albanian Telegraphic Agency
  • A glorious page of the struggle of the PLA against Modern Revisionism – Zëri i Popullit
  • Dangerous plots of the Superpowers against the interests of sovereign peoples countries – Zëri i Popullit
  • An active role and contribution of Socialist Albania – Zëri i Popullit
  • Imperialism and Social-imperialism cannot live without expansion – Rruga e Partise

No 2 (87) (C)

The steel unity of the people round the Party – the golden key to all our victories – From the speech at the great rally at the town of Rrëshen – Ramiz Alia

The Mirdita people gave Comrade Ramiz Alia an enthusiastic hearty welcome

A monumental work of thought and action of Comrade Enver Hoxha – Hajredin Çeliku

Designer and implementer of the foreign policy of Socialist Albania – Sofokli Lazri

Socialist Law and Legality in the PSR of Albania – Rrapi Mino and Liri Gjoliku

The role of Scanderbeg for his nation and epoch – Aleks Buda

30 years of scientific work in the service of the Party – Agim Popa

The historical roots and the peculiarities of the Albanian folk culture – Alfred Uçi

The dynamic and all-round development of agriculture in Albania – Vladimir Misja

Dynamic growth rates of the overall social production and national incomes – Llambro Strakosha

Socialism – the most advanced social order

  • It is the class in power which controls
  • Albania – permanent construction site
  • Big strides ahead in cultural development

Press review

  • The threats to Libya – another proof of the American aggressive policy – Zëri i Popullit
  • A Congress of the continued deepening of the Revisionist and Social-imperialist course – Zëri i Popullit
  • Human Rights cannot be defended by those who violate them – Zëri i Popullit

No 3 (88) (C)

The name and the work of Enver Hoxha will live in the centuries – Foto Çami

From the Life of the Country

  • The Elections for the People’s Councils and the People’s Courts
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia meets the working people of the District of Kruja
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia in the districts of Elbasan and Gramsh
  • All the Party and Albanian people honour the brilliant work of Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • May Day was majestically celebrated
  • Our people commemorated the glorious work of the Martyrs of the Nation
  • Work on the Milot-Rrëshen-Klos railway is inaugurated
  • Numismatic sources in the light of our ancient history

An outstanding contribution to the struggle against the Imperialist Superpowers – Comrade Enver Hoxha‘s new book ‘The Superpowers’ – ATA

The People’s Council – the basic link of the People’s State Power – Stefan Qirjako and Zyher Beci

The population of our country has reached three million – Harilla Papajorgji

On the development of the Marxist-Leninist Social Psychology in our country – Prof. Bedri Dedja

The development of Biological Sciences in Albania – Teki Tartari

On the demographic and ethnic situation of the Albanian territories in the Middle Ages – Selami Pulaha

The development of trade relations on bases of equality – a stand of principle – Fatos Nano

A new cinematography with a clearly national face – Viktor Gjika

Socialism – the most advanced social order

  • The electoral right in Socialist Albania
  • Economic plans are drafted and executed by the masses
  • Harmonised and proportional development of industry
  • Art of the masses, in the service of the masses

Press review

  • When political Belgrade indulges in Albanological sciences – Zëri i Popullit
  • Those to blame for the grave situation in Yugoslavia are not outside but within the country – Zëri i Popullit
  • The freedom and independence they have won with their blood are dearest to the Albanian people – Zëri i Popullit

No 4 (89) (C)

Our youth have put their shoulders to communist work and give vigor and dynamism to the whole life of the country – Ramiz Alia

From the Life of the country

  • Great meeting on the occasion of the rally of the mass actions of the youth
  • The First Secretary of the CC of the PLA and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Comrade Ramiz Alia, attends the military exercise in the Durrës District
  • Meeting with Army Cadres on the occasion of the celebration of July 10 and the military exercise
  • The Scientific Conference of Albanian medicine carries out its proceedings
  • Concert with extracts selected from the groups participating in the May 1986 concerts
  • Inauguration of the new irrigation work of Kakavija in the Region of Upper Dropull
  • Inauguration of the Second Phase of the irrigation work at Mbishkodra
  • Enthusiastic celebration of the 42nd Anniversary of the Historic Congress of Përmet

Architect of the great unity of the people in the Democratic Front and founder of the People’s Power – Leka Shkurti

The Anti-fascist Coalition and the Albanian National Liberation Movement – Arben Puto

The development of agriculture in both forms of ownership in Albania – Nexhmedin Luari

The geographical distribution of industry in the PSR of Albania – Eqerem Yzeiri

Higher education in Albania – its road of development and its prospects – Hasan Muçostepa

Some questions of the history of the Albanian language – Prof. Shaban Demiraj

Socialism or Anti-Socialism – Prof Sotir Manushi

Press review

  • The Congress of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia and its Anti-Albanian short sighted policy – Zëri i Popullit
  • Superpower arrogance – a dangerous phenomenon in the international life – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Soviet-American demagogy about European security – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (90) (C)

45 years under the banner of Marxism-Leninism

Documents: On the 45th Anniversary of the Founding of the PLA – The Founding (Excerpts from the book When the Party Was Born, written by Comrade Enver Hoxha

From the discussion of the Draft-Directives of the 8th Five-year Plan – Every figure embodies the economic policy of the Party – Niko Gjyzari

The ideological and cultural emancipation of the people – a magnificent work of the Party- Alfred Uçi

The juridical sanctioning of the triumph of the people’s revolution – Prof. Luan Omari

About the creation of the Socialist Property in the stage of the building of the economic base of Socialism – Prof. Hasan Banja

Albanian Historiography and its achievements – Enriketa Kamro and Shaban Çollaku

From the life of the country

  • On the occasion of the 44th Anniversary of the Day of our People’s Press
  • Commemorative Meeting on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the creation of the system of transportation
  • Great achievements and prospects for the Albanian Builders
  • The Albanian Encyclopaedic Dictionary – an important event for Albanian culture and science

Press review

  • Moscow’s European dialogue in the service of Soviet hegemony – Zëri i Popullit
  • The oil market and Imperialist manipulations – Economic Problems
  • Illusions about a Single European Market – Zëri i Popullit

No 6 (91) (C)

The 9th Congress of the Party of Labour of Albania carried out its proceedings with complete success

In the framework of the 9th Congress of the Party of Labour of Albania and the 45th Anniversary of its founding

  • Reception of the delegates of sister parties and foreign guests
  • Reception at the Palace of Brigades
  • Leaders of the Party and State paid homages and laid wreaths at the grave of Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • Visit to the house in which the Party was founded
  • Foreign delegates and guests paid homage and laid a wreath at the grave of Comrade Enver Hoxha and visited the house in which the Party was founded
  • Festive concert
  • Majestic mass rally at the Skanderbeg Square
  • The Palace of Congresses was inaugurated
  • National exhibition of figurative arts
  • Inauguration of the national information service network

On the occasion of the 78th Anniversary of the birth of Comrade Enver Hoxha

  • Comrade Ramiz Alia and other leaders of the Party and State pay homages and lay wreaths at the grave of Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • ‘The week of Enver Hoxha’
  • Mass actions throughout the country
  • Scientific Sessions
  • Busts of Comrade Enver Hoxha are unveiled and exhibitions of figurative arts opened
  • Show of documentary films
  • A photo-album dedicated to Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • Artistic manifestation of the youth of the capital
  • Activities in the districts


No 1 (98) (C)

Message of greetings to the Albanian people on the New Year 1988 – Ramiz Alia

The successful construction of Socialism in Albania – an expression of the vitality of the principle of self-reliance – Besnik Nekteshi

The Proclamation of the Independence of Albania – Stefanaq Pollo

The Albanian National Movement and the People’s Revolution – Sofokli Lazri

The independence of Albania in the framework of the liberation process in the Balkans – Arben Puto

Care for and protection of people’s health – Ahmet Kamberi

Perfecting Socialist Relations of Production in the 8th Five-Year Plan – Hekuran Mara

The meeting of ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Balkan countries

  • The policy of Albania is a policy of friendship and cooperation among the peoples of the Balkans – speech delivered by Comrade Reis Malile

From the life of the country

  • Second Session of the 11th Legislature of the People’s Assembly
  • Meeting of the People’s District of the District of Tirana
  • Activities on the 42nd Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic

Press review

  • Zionist terror in the centre of Israeli policy – Zëri i Popullit
  • Revisionist theories serving the perpetuation of Neo-colonialism – Bashkimi
  • ‘Circulation of armaments’ – an American restriction to limit the sovereignty of its allies – Zëri i Popullit

No 2 (99) (C)

Socialist culture – a great active force for the advance of the country – Speech at the 5th Plenum of the CC of the PLARamiz Alia

For an all-round development of socialist culture and the enhancement of its role in the whole life of the country – Foto Çami

Majestic May Day Manifestation of the working people of the capital

From the life of the country

  • Comrade Ramiz Alia has a cordial meeting with cadres, cooperativists and workers of the Vlora District
  • The whole Albanian people honour the memory of the unforgettable leader, Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • The greatest honour to Comrade Enver Hoxha is to apply his teachings and to carry ahead his work
  • The 45th Anniversary of the Force of State Security
  • The 45th Anniversary of the Bashkimi newspaper
  • The Fold Song and Dance Ensemble on its 30th Anniversary

Local production of people’s food – an important step towards improving well-being – Harillaq Papajorgji and Fato Nano

Social Insurance – achievement of Socialism on a national scale – Haxhire Shehu

Consideration on the popular culture of the Albanian people – Stefanaq Pollo

‘Restructuring’ – ideological mechanism to deceive the masses – Servet Pellumbi

Press review

  • A visit which serves the strengthening of relations between Albania and Greece – Zëri i Popullit
  • Gorbachov’s visit to Yugoslavia and his peace-loving rhetoric – Zëri i Popullit
  • The national crisis in the Soviet Union – consequence of its Revisionist course and imperialist policy – Zëri i Popullit
  • Brutal American interference in Panama – Zëri i Popullit
  • Schultz’s rounds in the Middle East – Zëri i Popullit
  • Dismantling of some categories of missiles does not lessen the threat to the European continent – Rruga e Partise

No 3 (100) (C)

The 10th Congress of the Women’s Union of Albania

From the life of the country

  • The 3rd Session of the 11th Legislature of the People’s Assembly
  • Concert with selected items from the May Concerts 1988
  • The Lubricant Oils Plant at Ballash was inaugurated
  • The first phase of the construction of the hydro-electric complex of Banja is over
  • The 44th Anniversary of the historic Congress of Përmet
  • A sports centre for the youth
  • Good results in archaeological research in various regions of our country

The Communist Party of Brazil holds its 7th Congress

Original roads for perfecting of Socialist Relations in the countryside – Hasan Banja and Mihal Ziu

On the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of its creation – People’s Army – an army of the new type – Kostaq Karoli

On the occasion of the 110th Anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren – a brilliant page in the history of the Albanian Nation – Kristaq Prifti

About the articles of a ‘Specialist’ in Albanian affairs in the newspaper ‘Borba’ – Javer Malo

Press review

  • Perestroyka – a program and strategy for strengthening Soviet Social-imperialism – Zëri i Popullit
  • The defence of peace is in the hands of the peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • Reagan-Gorbachov talks are a dangerous monopolization of the international problems – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Afghan ‘model’ of the solution of regional conflicts and the division of spheres of influence between the Superpowers – Zëri i Popullit

No 4 (101) (C)

The people and the army – one and inseparable – Ramiz Alia

Great celebration of the 45th anniversary of the formation of the People’s Army

Comrade Ramiz Alia is received with joy and affection in the Dibra district

Documents – Enver Hoxha – The experience of Marxist-Leninist parties should be studied and utilized to strengthen our common struggle

A distinguishing characteristic of our economy is its high development rates – Hasan Banja

About gradually narrowing down essential differences between city and country – Kozma Sharco

About the origin of the Albanian Language – Shaban Demiraj

Achievements and perspectives for the raising of the theoretical and practical level of specialist – Hasan Muçostepa

The Combing (Short story) – Ismail Kadare

The 19th Conference of the CPSU and the reforms of the political system – Shaban Murati

Press review

  • A visit that serves the strengthening of Albanian-Turkish relations – Zëri i Popullit
  • Constructive contribution to improving the atmosphere of cooperation and understanding in the Balkans – Zëri i Popullit
  • 40 years after the Resolution of the Information Bureau on the situation in the CP of Yugoslavia – Zëri i Popullit
  • The proposals of the Warsaw Treaty and the real demands of the European peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • Limiting the rights of Albanians complicates the situation in Kosova and in the whole of Yugoslavia – Zëri i Popullit
  • An agreement in the interest of Iran, Iraq and other Gulf countries – Zëri i Popullit
  • The 20th anniversary of the Soviet aggression on Czechoslovakia – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (102) (C)

The 80th Anniversary of Comrade Enver Hoxha’s birth – Homage to Enver Hoxha is homage to Socialism – Ramiz Alia

Mammoth meeting in the capital on the occasion of the 80th Anniversary of the birth of Comrade Enver Hoxha and the inauguration of his monument

  • The Enver Hoxha Museum is inaugurated
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia and other Party and State leaders pay homage to and lay wreaths at the grave of Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • Concert with selected items from the National Folklore Festival of Gjirokastra
  • ‘Our Enver’ book by Comrade Ramiz Alia
  • A broad vision of the leader and the epoch – Ismail Kadare
  • Comrade Enver Hoxha’s book ‘Years of my youth’ came off the press and was put into circulation
  • Comrade Enver Hoxha’s book ‘ Years of my youth’ is presented in the city of Korça
  • The book ‘Reminiscences about Enver’ was put into circulation
  • Scientific sessions
  • The National Folklore Festival of Gjirokastra 1988

From the life of the country

  • The people of Berat celebrate with enthusiasm the inauguration of the new water supply system
  • The 5th National Conference of the Union of the Physical-Culturists and Sportsmen of Albania
  • Solemn meeting dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the death of the outstanding Albanian writer Migjeni
  • Scientific session devoted to the work of Prof. Eqrem Çabej
  • A new success of our science of medicine
  • Palaeolithic culture in the ancient settlements of our country

Inter-connection of the economic relations between the State and the Cooperatives – the road of advance of the cooperativist order – Mihal Ziu

Active contacts of our culture with the progressive world culture – Dhimitër Shuteriqi

Sociological outline of the reproductive function of our family – Zana Alia

On the 70th anniversary of the Committee ‘The National Defence of Kosova’ – A Revolutionary Democratic Organisation of the Albanian people – Kristaq Prifti

The PSR of Albania follows a completely independent foreign policy – from a speech of Comrade Reiz Malile

Press review

  • The 17th Plenum of the LCY and the Yugoslav crisis – Zëri i Popullit
  • What lies behind the new Soviet proposals for Asia and the Pacific Region – Zëri i Popullit
  • Disbanding of military blocs serves the freedom and independence of the peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • The general interests of mankind and the manoeuvres of the Soviet Social-imperialists – Zëri i Popullit

No 6 (103) (C)

Address to the Albanian people on the occasion of the New Year 1989 – Ramiz Alia

The 6th Congress of the Agricultural Cooperatives

From the life of the country

  • The 4th Session of the 11th Legislature of the People’s Assembly
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia participated in the celebration of November 8th and paid visits in the city of Korça
  • The people of the Saranda District accorded a cordial and enthusiastic welcome to Comrade Ramiz Alia
  • November 28 and 29 celebrations

Achievements and prospects of development of the economy of the PSR of Albania – Hekuran Mara

Environment protection in our country – Tahir Cenko

On the 80th Anniversary of the Congress of Manastir – The Congress which sanctioned the unification of the alphabet of the Albanian Language – Shaban Demiraj

No settlement of the Palestinian question and the Middle-East crisis can be achieved against the will of the Palestinian people – Reiz Malile

The 5th Congress of the Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) held its proceedings – Faik Çinaj

Federative Yugoslavia and its crossroads – Sofokli Lazri

Press review

  • The October Revolution and Gorbachov’s Perestroika – Zëri i Popullit
  • Bush – the President of the policy from positions of strength – Zëri i Popullit
  • The interests of peace require the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan – Zëri i Popullit
  • The concept of the ‘Common All-European House’ serves the Soviet interests – Zëri i Popullit
  • Speculations about peace serve the policy of hegemony – Zëri i Popullit


No 1 (104) (C)

The dynamism of the economic relations and the harmonization of the material factors guarantee the attainment of objectives in agriculture – Ramiz Alia

From the life of the country

  • Comrade Ramiz Alia meets cadres and cooperativists of the Lushnja District
  • Meeting with writers and artists
  • Meeting of the Vice-Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Balkan countries

Raising well-being for the people – the supreme aim of the Party – Niko Gjyzari

The cooperativist order – the monumental work of the Party – Mihal Ziu and Dhimitër Toçi

Continuously strengthening the People’s State Power – Ismet Elezi

Educational policy which responds to the need of the socio-economic development of the country – Skënder Gjinushi

Preservation and enrichment of progressive cultural traditions – Zija Xholi

The affirmation of national identity and the university in Albania – Jorgo Bulo

The struggle against contagious diseases in Albania and its achievements – Elmaz Eltari

Albania has been and is for the prohibition of production and use of chemical weapons – Reis Malile

Frontal attack on Marxism, revolution and socialism – Agim Popa

Press review

  • The meeting of Tirana – a contribution to the strengthening of Balkan cooperation – Zëri i Popullit
  • A visit which served the strengthening of the Albanian-Turkish relations – Zëri i Popullit
  • The liberalisation of the economy and reforms cannot avert the crises – Zëri i Popullit
  • Political crisis – an ingrained element of the capitalist system – Zëri i Popullit
  • An ugly act against Libya’s Independence – Zëri i Popullit
  • The end of an invasion – Zëri i Popullit
  • Levelling out of national cultures – Drita

No 2 (105) (C)

May Day in Albania – brilliant manifestation of the working people of the capital

From the life of the country

  • A brilliant victory of the unity of the people with the Party and the People’s State Power
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia meets workers and cadres of the District of Fier
  • Albania respectfully honoured the memory of its martyrs
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia and other Party and State leaders pay homage to and lay wreaths at Comrade Enver Hoxha’s grave
  • The unstoppable advance of the country – a great homage to Enver Hoxha
  • The 40th Anniversary of the Union of Journalists of Albania
  • Meeting of the General Council of the Democratic Front of Albania
  • Extended meeting of the Assembly of the Academy of Sciences of the PSR of Albania
  • National Meeting of distinguished teachers
  • Scientific Session on the theme ‘Perestroika – an Anti-Socialist Theory and Practice’

The formation of the Albanian people in the light of archaeological data – Skënder Anamali

Perfection of the forms of remuneration in agriculture – Nexhmedian Dumani

An ancient people of a young age – Arqile Bërxholi

Correct assessment of the heritage of world progressive culture – Nasho Jorgaqi and Nexhip Gami

Development of Socialist Democracy and the enhancement of the role of the masses – Omer Hashorva and Zamira Çavo

Critique of the Anti-Marxist concepts of the Soviet revisionists on the problem of contradictions in Socialist Society – Vasillaq Kureta

Serb nationalism and the dangers of the Balkanization of Yugoslavia – Sofokli Lazri

Press review

  • Who fights for freedom is unconquerable – Zëri i Popullit
  • Contribution to friendly Franco-Albanian relations – Zëri i Popullit
  • Constitution of the tanks – Zëri i Popullit
  • The European Economic Community and the trends of its development – Zëri i Popullit
  • Ceremonies of peace do not cover up means of war – Zëri i Popullit

No 3 (106) (C)

The 6th Congress of the Democratic Front of Albania – The Democratic Front – a great political force for the progress of the Socialist Homeland – Ramiz Alia

From the life of the country

  • The 45th Anniversary of the historic Congress of Permet
  • The 5th Session of the 11th Legislature of the People’s Assembly

The strength and vitality of our economic order – Harilla Papajorgji

The personality of the individual in our society – Fatmir Zanaj

Cultural development in Albania through the centuries – Ali Dhrimo

The Albanians and the Battle of Kosova-Plain in 1389 – Stefanaq Pollo

Good neighbourliness – a constant orientation of relations in the Balkans – Vladimir Prela and Harillaq Kekezi

Press review

  • A step forward in the relations with the German Democratic Republic – Zëri i Popullit
  • Political problems cannot be solved with chauvinistic passions – Zëri i Popullit
  • The lessons of the Second World War and our time – Zëri i Popullit
  • The compromise declaration and the NATO crisis – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘Kissinger’ Plan for the division of Europe between the two Superpowers – Zëri i Popullit
  • For OPEC unity – Zëri i Popullit

No 4 (107) (C)

The 45th anniversary of the 1st Congress of the Antifascist Youth Union of Albania – Mass rally at Helmës in Skrapar

The sources and factors that guarantee the accomplishment of the 8th Five-year Plan – Teodor Kareco

Creation and development of the Cooperativist Order – Mihal Ziu

The Albanian industry is developed on the basis of local primary materials – Veli Mullaraj

Increase or irrigation capacity and land fertility – Ibrahim Baçi

The unity of the people – one of the pillars of the People’s State Power and Socialism – Ismail Lleshi

Aspects of the development of our literature – Koço Bihiku

Archaeology and the genesis of the Albanians – Neritan Ceka

I felt entirely free in Albania – from Brazilian newspaper ‘La classe operaria’

Balkan cooperation and its prospects – Sofokli Lazri

Mother Tereza’s private visit to Albania

Press review

  • Nothing can cover the truth about the brutal violations of Kosova’s autonomy – Zëri i Popullit
  • Greetings of the French people – Zëri i Popullit
  • New themes and interests in the Summit of the Seven in Paris – Zëri i Popullit
  • The crisis of ethnic relations and Perestroika – Zëri i Popullit
  • The 5th Congress of Fatah – Zëri i Popullit
  • Speculations about the crisis of Socialism – an expression of Anti-Communism – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (108) (C)

Always in the vanguard of society, bearer of progress – Speech delivered at the 8th Plenum of the CC of the Party – Ramiz Alia

Comrade Ramiz Alia has cordial meetings and talks with working people of Tropoja and Puka districts

Great celebration at heroic Peza

The 45th anniversary of the 2nd Meeting of the Anti-fascist National Liberation Council

The 81st anniversary of the birth of Comrade Enver Hoxha

Meeting of Balkan understanding and cooperation

The 18th International specialisation course of the Balkan medical Union carried out its proceedings in Tirana

Symposium – ‘The polyphony of the Balkan People’

Narrowing down distinctions between city and country – Hasan Hoxha

The service of scientific and technical information in our country – Genc Xhuvani

A mirror of social emancipation – Lavdie Malo

The apologia of violence in Kosova – Sofokli Lazri

With her completely independent policy Albania has always done her fruitful service to the cause of peace and security – Reis Malile

Press review

  • The Second World War – the spawn of the imperialist policy of hegemony and world domination – Zëri i Popullit
  • Ceaseless ideological struggle with different pseudo-Communist currents – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Soviet crisis is a crisis of Revisionism – Zëri i Popullit
  • The fruit of Counter-revolutionary reformist ideology – Zëri i Popullit

No 6 (109) (C)

The creative thinking and scientific progress – determining factors of the all-sided development of the country – Ramiz Alia

Commemorative meeting dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the Liberation of the Homeland and the triumph of the People’s Revolution – Adil Çarçani

Military parade and enthusiastic manifestation of the working people

Side by side with the Party, in the vanguard of the socialist construction – Ramiz Alia

Cordial meetings of Comrade Ramiz Alia with working people of Pogradec district

The 45th Anniversary of the founding of the ‘Enver Hoxha‘ United High Officers’ School

The 45th Anniversary of the 1st Congress of the Anti-Fascist Women’s Union of Albania

Scientific Conference: ‘Geological Prospecting, extraction and processing of solid minerals, oil and gas’

Scientific Conference: ‘Our time, literature and the literary science’

Problems of the economic theory and practice at the present stage of the development of our country – Hekuran Mara

Triumph of the correctness of the line of the Party on the countryside – Harilla Papajorgji

Conservation of the environment in Albania – Javer Çobani

For a policy of confidence and security in the Balkans – Sofokli Lazri

Press review

  • A policy that serves the interests of the homeland – Zëri i Popullit
  • Talks about Europe, but at its cost – Zëri i Popullit
  • Brutal aggression on Panama – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Revisionist betrayal cannot outshine the brilliance of the ideas of the October Revolution – Zëri i Popullit
  • It is not Communism but the distortion of Communism which ended in failure in the Eastern countries – Zëri i Popullit


No 1 (110)


No 2 (111)


No 3 (112) (C)

Tribune of the free opinion of the masses – Speech delivered at the meeting of the General Council of the Democratic front of Albania – Ramiz Alia

To enhance the role of the Democratic Front in the process of the further democratisation of the life of the country – Nexhmije Hoxha

The 7th Session of the 11th Legislature of People’s Assembly

On the improvement of the economic mechanism – Adil Çarçani

On the improvement and democratization of penal legislation as well as on some organizational measures – Manush Myftiu

The UN Secretary General, Javier Perez de Cuellar, visits Albania


  • Meeting of the Ministers of Energy of the Balkan countries
  • The 14th Conference of the National Commissions of the Balkan countries for UNESCO

Achievements, present and future, in geological prospecting – Aleksandër Çina

Demographic and social-economic developments in the countryside – Dhimitër Toçi and Hasan Hoxha

Our time and our literature – Ismail Kadare

Press review

  • UNO and Albania’s contribution – Zëri i Popullit
  • Albanian-Bulgarian relations on sound basis – Zëri i Popullit
  • The peoples commemorate the Victory over Fascism – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Bush-Gorbachov meeting: in search for new equilibriums – Zëri i Popullit

No 4 (113) (C)

Albania – an active participant in world democratic processes – Address to the 45th Session of the General Assembly of the UNO – Ramiz Alia

Albania has considered children the most privileged part of the population for whom society and the family do a great deal – Ramiz Alia

The 11th Plenum of the CC of the PLA – Comrade Ramiz Alia’s speech


  • Comrade Ramiz Alia meets the creative intelligentsia and the economists of the capital
  • Expression of the steel unity of the people round the Party
  • On the further development of the economic and social life of the country
  • Joint Albanian-Soviet Declaration

On the new economic mechanism – Niko Gjyzari

The ethnogenesis of the Albanian people in the light of history – Aleks Buda

Major victory in the field of the people’s education – Musa Kraja

A great 800th anniversary – Dhimitër Shuteriqi

The status of Kosova cannot be decided without the Albanians and against them – Kristaq Prifti

Energy – an important field of Balkan cooperation – Llazar Papajorgji

Press review

  • An important step on the road of friendly bipartite cooperation – Zëri i Popullit
  • A landmark in the history of the Swiss people – Zëri i Popullit
  • The time of ‘Anschluss-es’ has ended – Zëri i Popullit
  • On the festive anniversary of an ancient people – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (114) (C)

The strengthening of the people’s state power and the improvement of the political system reinforce democratic developments – Report of the Political Bureau to the 12th Plenum of the CC of the PLA (November 6, 1990) – Ramiz Alia

The president of the Presidium of the People’s Assembly of the PSR of Albania, Ramiz Alia, to the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Balkans

The conference of the ministers for foreign affairs of the Balkan countries


  • Communique of the meeting of the 13th Plenum of the Central Committee of the PLA
  • Comrade Ramiz Alia meets student representatives
  • We shall achieve democratic developments only by democratic means
  • Homages are paid and wreathes laid in memory of Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • Respect for Enver Hoxha is respect for the work of the whole people and the Party
  • The international colloquium ‘Naim Frasheri and his time’ carried out its proceedings

An expression of the solicitude for the uplift of the well being of the working people – Harilla Papajorgji

Fertile fields in the place of former marshlands – Spiro Minga

The growth of transport and communications in Albania – Vladimir misja

The education reform in Albania is connected with the new requirements of the time – Skënder Gjinushi

European community in the light of the 1990s – Fatos Nano

Press review

  • The Tirana meeting – an important contribution to the strengthening of Balkan cooperation – Zëri i Popullit
  • Active participation in the process of European security – Zëri i Popullit
  • Germany is united – history goes its course – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Constitution of the Republic of Kosova – a legal historical act – Zëri i Popullit
  • Reprehensible act of the Israeli Zionists – Zëri i Popullit

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