Fateh - Palestine

Fateh – Palestine

The conditions under which the Palestinian people live, and have lived since 1948, and the fact this has been allowed to exist must rank as the worse failing of the world revolutionary movement. Marx wrote that no people will ever be free if they continue to oppress another and the failure of revolutionary movements in the advanced imperialist and capitalist countries to prevent their rulers from giving uncritical and unsurpassed support for the neo-fascist Zionist State of Israel only accentuates their weakness to challenge their own capitalist nation-state.

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One of the other failings that people generally demonstrate is a lack of understanding of the past, of an inability to look at the whole picture. The events that are happening at this moment (summer 2014) in Gaza and the Occupied West Bank are rarely seen in the context of the crimes committed against the Palestinian people over decades. The fact that Hamas continues to send rockets (which have little effect in terms of damage to either property or lives) is seen more as bloody mindedness than an expression that the Palestinian people will never surrender, whatever is thrown against them.

I’m no fan of Hamas but the failings of earlier organisations that have taken the leadership of the armed and political struggle has meant that increasingly those Palestinians, especially the young, who will not be cowled by brute Fascist force, are turning towards the only organisation that says, at the moment, (Hamas will betray the people if the conditions are right – as time will undoubtedly show) it will never give in until the Palestinians are free.

Generations of Palestinians:

  • have been turned into refugees, been forcibly evicted from their homes and farms or seen them destroyed in front of their eyes;
  • have had to suffer the indignities of being constantly stopped and searched at checkpoints merely because they want to follow a lifestyle that most people consider normal;
  • have seen modern towns being built on land which is considered by the international community as being occupied and upon which the occupier has no right to build and then to see that this same international community does nothing to prevent this in any meaningful way;
  • have seen the leaders of the so-called ‘free world’ condemn the Palestinians when they make any sign of resistance yet say little (and do even less) when the Fascist Israeli Defence Forces invade Gaza or the West Bank with overwhelming military force to sow death and destruction;
  • have witnessed a people who suffered under the racist Nazi fascists use that experience not to challenge and oppose such genocide in the present but to use the same strategy and tactics against people who are closest to them in their genetic make up – the victims of anti-Semitism are anti-Semites!;
  • have been forced into the diaspora (a term that used to be used almost exclusively by and about the Jews) in order to live a life that has any semblance of normality;
  • have seen the Palestine Liberation Organisation and Al-Fatah (and other political and military organisations) take up their banner for liberation only to then just fade away or evolve into movements that exist only to benefit their own supporters with their biggest fights limited to who can get their noses deeper into the trough of corruption;
  • have seen their finest sons and daughters take up the struggle and then for many of them to die in the attempt or face decades of imprisonment.

The Palestinian people will not be able to gain their liberty and regain their country on their own. They are too few, have too few true friends and virtually live in a small island surrounded by hostility. Even those who profess an allegiance to the Palestinian cause often do so for their own selfish political and economic reasons.

The capitalist and imperialist ‘west’ cannot in any way countenance a free and independent Palestine as this would necessarily mean the destruction of their client and willing puppet in the State of Israel, which would last no time at all if the huge amounts of political, economic and military aid were withdrawn.

The erstwhile Socialist states that once fought for the cause of the Palestinians have been corrupted into capitalist states and if they are not now directly involved in the carve up of the region it is only because they are involved in similar activities elsewhere.

International support is limited to marches in major cities at times of an explosion of Zionist violence resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian civilians, the injury to thousands and the destruction of what little they had in the first place. Constantly organising buses to London achieves nothing neither does a campaign of writing to MPS – which seems to be the substance of the activity of solidarity organisations at the moment.

The only way to really help the Palestinians is by making sure that capitalist governments find supporting Israel a more expensive proposition than not. It was ultimately the Vietnamese people who achieved liberation through their own efforts and sacrifice but the opposition in countries throughout the world meant that many governments were reluctant to actively support the American Imperialists and their lapdogs.

But in all the killing and destruction, the lies and the dissimulation (it seems it’s OK to kill people or at least destroy their homes as long as you phone up or send a text message before you do so – such are the advances in telephony), the repeated cries that the criminal is the victim, the crocodile tears of the imperialists and the actual tears of the Palestinians the real reasons for the escalating situation in the Middle East gets lost. Hence this page.

The aim of the pages associated with this one is to provide some of the facts and history of the struggle of the Palestinian people and the way that they have been so badly served by the so-called ‘international community’.

Realising that what has happened to the Palestinians is all part of the ‘conspiracy’ of capital to maintain its control of the lives of everyone in the world might (although I’m not holding my breath) make people think about their own situation in a time of ‘austerity’. In supporting the Palestinian struggle people throughout the world might learn to fight for their own liberation from the excesses of the capitalist system under which they live.

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