Women’s Liberation, Marriage and Family

Harbour of the Fatherland

Harbour of the Fatherland

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Women’s Liberation, Marriage and Family

Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, promulgated on May 1, 1950. (Peking: FLP, 1950), 1st edition, 50 pages. First edition. (Peking: FLP, 3rd ed. 1973), 16 pages, much sharper image, 1950 marriage law itself unchanged. Third edition.

Women In China Today pamphlet series, published by the All-China Democratic Women’s Federation, October-November 1952. (Only these numbers yet available.)

Liu Hu-lan — Story of a Girl Revolutionary, by Liang Hsing. A short biography of a revolutionary hero, (Peking: FLP, 1953), 97 pages.

Minority Women of China, in Chinese but the pamphlet mostly consists of color paintings of minority women of different regions of China in their traditional dress. (Peking: 1958), 34 pages.

A Divorce Trial in China, by Felix Greene, (New England Free Press, 1970), 16 pages. Originally published as a chapter in Greene’s book Awakened China: The Country Americans Don’t Know (1961)

The Struggle Between Two Lines at the Moscow World Congress of Women, six statements, articles and reports. (Peking: FLP, 1963), 70 pages. [Our apologies for the darkened paper in the copy scanned, though it is still quite legible.]

New Women in New China, a collection of 10 articles showing the diverse roles that women were playing in revolutionary China. Includes many photographs. (Peking: FLP, 1972), 96 pages.

Chinese Women in the Fight for Socialism, a collection of 13 articles about the advances made by women in the New China. Includes many photographs. [Note: While this book was issued in 1977 after the capitalist-roaders had come to power after Mao’s death, it still mostly reflects the achievements made under socialism.] (Peking: FLP, 1977), 158 pages (116 pages of text).

Women Of China, No 5, 1979, Beijing, 1979, 46 pages. Women in (early) capitalist China.

Marriage Law of the People’s Republic of China, effective January 1, 1981. (Beijing: FLP, 1st ed. 1982), 40 pages.

How Can Socialism Ensure the Full Liberation of Women?, by Joan Hinton, revised Jan. 1, 1997, 8 pages.

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