Albania Today – Index – 1980-1984

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Albania Today – Index – 1980-1984

Here you will find the list of contents from the issues of Albania Today already posted, or about to be published, on this blog. Where the complete issue is not yet available the intention is to post some of the most important, individual articles.

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(C) = the complete edition is available on the blog


No 1 (50)

Stalin and his work – a banner of struggle for all revolutionaries – Ramiz Alia

Joseph Stalin – a glorious Marxist-Leninist, the great friend of the Albanian people – Zëri i Popullit

JV Stalin – a defender of Marxism-Leninism, resolute fighter against opportunism and revisionism – Fiqret Shehu

JV Stalin – an internationalist fighter and consistent defender of the principles of proletarian internationalism – Behar Shtylla

JV Stalin‘s teachings on the dictatorship of the proletariat remain always valid – Servet Pëllumbi

From the life of the country

  • Communique on the session of the 7th Plenum of the Central Committee of the PLA
  • The centenary of the birth of JV Stalin
  • Opening speech by Comrade Nexhmije Hoxha

Press Review

  • Aggressors – keep out of Afghanistan – Zëri i Popullit (Available in Enver Hoxha, Works, Vol 5, p752-757.)
  • Soviet-Bulgarian blackmail and threats do not go down well in the Balkans – Zëri i Popullit
  • Further deterioration of the situation of the working masses in Latin America – ATA
  • The American Imperialists – plunderers of the riches of the middle east – Zëri i Popullit

No 2 (51)

Hysni Kapo – a glorious leader of the Party and the People – Ramiz Alia

Problems of Socialism in the light of the Marxist-Leninist Theory and the historical experience of the PLA – Foto Çami

The Socialist revolution in the ideological and cultural field and its further deepening – Tefta Cami

Our science of historiography and its achievements on the road of Marxist-Leninist development – Stefanaq Pollo

From the life of the country

  • Fourth session of the Ninth Legislature of the People’s assembly
  • The 35th Anniversary of the Trade Unions of Albania

The process of capitalist development of the Chinese economy – Tomor Cerova

Press Review

  • The apogee of gold and the downward course of the dollar – Zëri i Popullit
  • Threats and manoeuvres of the two superpowers will not intimidate and decieve the peoples of the Middle east – Bashkimi
  • Crime – a sore wound of bourgeois-revisionist society – ATA
  • Accidents at work – consequence of capitalist exploitation – Puna
  • The FRG further down the road of militarisation – Zëri i Popullit
  • Under the cloak of advisers – Luftetari

No 3 (52)

VI Lenin – a brilliant thinker and great proletarian revolutionary – Qirjako Mihali

VI Lenin’s ideas on Imperialism are immortal – Selaudin Kucaj

A banner of struggle for the triumph over imperialism and modern revisionism – Adem Mexini

The struggle for the complete construction of the material-technical base of socialism – Hekuran Mara

Elections in the PSR of Albania are the most democratic in the world – Edmond Sanxhaktari

The peoples do not forget the lessons of history – Zëri i Popullit

The same counter-revolutionary aim unites the Italian Euro-communists with the Chinese Revisionists – Zëri i Popullit

From the life of the country

  • Communique on the results of the elections to the People’s Councils and people’s Courts
  • May Day in Albania
  • Martyrs’ Day
  • The 110th Anniversary of the birth of VI Lenin in Albania
  • Symposium on the April 15, 1979 earthquake

Telegram to Comrade Enver Hoxha first secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania

To the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Canada (M-L)

The Iranian people resolutely face up to the new threats of US Imperialism – Zëri i Popullit

Hegemony strategy of the Superpowers – Arshi Ruçaj

Press Review

  • The ambitions of West European capital in Africa – Zëri i Popullit
  • Degeneration in the ranks of the Chinese youth – Puna
  • The Bourgeois ‘Cultural Revolution’ in the USA – Drita
  • Democracy of degeneration and corruption – ATA
  • Fascism – a real threat against the peoples – Luftetari
  • Staunch struggle is the response of the Central American peoples to the dictatorial oppression and imperialist plunder – Bashkimi


No 1 (56) (C)

The 20th Congress of the CPSU and the Evolution of Modern Revisionism – Agim Popa

The Struggle of the PLA against the Pressure and Interference of the Khruschevite Revisionists – Vangjel Moisiu

The Present Socio-economic order in the Soviet Union – a Capitalist Order – Omer Hashorva

The Social-imperialist Character of the Foreign Policy of the Present-day Soviet Union – Arben Puto

The Socialist Legislation in the PSR of Albania in Defence of Women’s Rights – Ksanthipi Begeja

The Policy of the PLA for Raising People’s Well-being – Abdyl Baka

The Creation of the of the Property of the Entire People in the PSR of Albania – Shpresa Kristo

Development of the Power Industry in the PSR of Albania – Alfred Paloka

Labour Actions – Schools of Communist Education of the Albanian Youth – Etemie Zeneli

F Engels – a Great Proletarian Thinker and Revolutionary – Servet Pëllumbi

In China there is no Communist Party, but Clans and Factions Struggling with each other for Power – Zëri i Popullit

Constant Deepening of Parasitism in the Present-day Capitalist Society – Dalip Çota

Press Review

  • The Imperialist Farce on ‘European Security’ Discredited – Zëri i Popullit
  • Attempts at Fascizing the Spiritual World in the Capitalist Countries – Drita
  • The Inflow of Western Capital into the Revisionist Countries Worsens the Conditions of the Working Class – Puna
  • The Azanian Students in Struggle Against the Pretoria Racist Regime – Mësuesi
  • Demagogy and the Reality of the Conditions of the Women in the Capitalist and Revisionist Countries – Shqiptarja e Re
  • Closed Doors, Gloomy Perspectives – Mësuesi

No 2 (57) (C)

The stands of the PLA towards the Khrushchevites – an example of lofty Marxist-Leninist principles – Ndreçi Plasari

The state of the dictatorship of the proletariat is the most complete democracy – Gramos Hysi

Planned economy – stable prices – Sabah Hilmia

Perspectives of the development of education and culture is socialist Albania – Hamit Beqja

From the life of the country

  • Communique on the meeting of the 9th Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania
  • Decision on calling the Ordinary 8th Congress of the Party of Labour of Albania
  • Activities on the occasion of the 28th Anniversary of the death of JV Stalin
  • The ‘Dictionary of Modern Albanian Language’ came from the press
  • The castle within the castle (Kruja)
  • New Archaeological discoveries

The Revolutionary Communist Party of India is founded

The Soviet revisionist congress – a congress of social-pacifist demagogy – Zëri i Popullit

Only the working class of the country can save Poland – Zëri i Popullit

Another expression of the fierce struggle for power between the revisionist clans in China – Zëri i Popullit

The wrecking of the revolution – the fundamental objective of the Eurocommunists – Ndreko Pecani

Any form of the monopolies does not alter the essence of capitalist property – L Çuçi, G Pashko

Comecon – an instrument of Soviet social-imperialism for the domination and exploitation of the member countries – G Xhuvani, L Hana

Press Review

  • Fascism – A real threat to the peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • Demagogy of the Fascist dictatorship in the Philippines – Bashkimi
  • The Chinese Revisionists put the labour force of their country up for auction – Puna
  • ‘Desert Warfare’ and the gangster aims of American imperialism – Luftëtari
  • Agents in the pay of the bourgeoisie – Zëri i Popullit

No 3 (58) (C)

A rich balance of brilliant perspectives – Petro Dode

The narrowing of distinction between mental and physical work in the PSR of Albania – Afërdita Stefani

On the events in Kosova

Why were police violence and tanks used against the Albanians in Kosova – Zëri i Popullit

Census in Yugoslavia – Bashkimi

Who incites hostility amongst the peoples of Yugoslavia? – Zëri i Popullit

The status of a republic for Kosova is a just demand – Zëri i Popullit

From the life of the country

  • Comrade Enver Hoxha in the Vlora district
  • The day of international solidarity of the working people in Socialist Albania
  • ‘Inextinguishable stars’
  • A new railroad
  • The 4th Festival of the Albanian Film

The consistent struggle of principle of the PLA against modern revisionism – Sotir Manushi

Criticism and bibliography

G Castellan – ‘L’abanie’ – Stefanaq Pollo

The ideological and organizational degeneration of Eurocommunist parties – Petro Ciruna

No 4 (59) (C)

The Communist Party of Albania – the glorious work of the Albanian Communists – Zëri i Popullit

Perfection of Socialist Relations of Production in the PSR of Albania – Hasan Banja

The People’s Army – the work of the Party – Fuat Çeliku

The industrialization of the country – a great victory of the PLA – Harilla Papajorgji

A Marxist theoretician or a liberal-bourgeois dilettante – Joao Amazonas

Principal elements of imperialist domination and aggression – Çlirim Muzha

The capitalist reality and the ‘Society of Well-being for all’ – L Çuçi

Press Review

  • Major failure of the Soviet agriculture – Zëri i Popullit
  • Proletarian Culture – a weapon of the Proletarian Revolution – Drita
  • Avowed enemies of the Dictatorship fo the Proletariat – Bashkimi
  • Deeper in the grip of the crisis – ATA
  • Increase of military budgets – Luftëtari
  • ‘Black Labour’ – Bashkimi
  • The Trade Union disguise of the fire extinguisher of the Vatican – Puna

No 5 (60) (C)

Forty years under the flying banner of Marxism-Leninism

The CPA was founded on sound ideological and organizational foundations – Jorgi Sota

The development of agriculture and the Socialist village in Albania – Kozma Skarço

From the life of the country

  • Powerful manifestation of the Line of the Masses
  • The new school year has begun
  • Important studies n the field of philological sciences
  • Multiple values of Albanian material culture

The demand ‘Kosova Republic’ cannot be stifled either with violence or with empty theorizing – Arbër Korabi

The ‘new international economic order’ and the deepening of the gap between the ‘North’ and the ‘South’ – Gramos Pashko

Documents – Resolution of the 1st Conference of the Communist Party of Albania

Press Review

  • A new escalation of imperialist blackmail and threat – Zëri i Popullit
  • Areas of economic development or outright colonies – Bashkimi
  • Peking steps up collaboration with reactionary regimes – ATA
  • Pollution of the environment – a threat to the health of the working masses and a source of profit for the capitalists – Zëri i Popullit
  • A trade union under the CIA – Bashkimi
  • Old Nazi art in the service of New Nazism – Drita
  • A grave situation for the Spanish youth – Zëri i Rinisë
  • Latin America in the grip of the crisis – Zëri i Popullit

No 6 (61) (C)

This issue of the magazine ‘Albania Today’ is dedicated to the 8th Congress of the Party of Labour of Albania, held from the 1st to 7th November 1981 in Tirana.

The report ‘On the activity of the Central Committee of the Party of the Labour of Albania’ submitted to the Congress by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party of Labour of Albania, Comrade Enver Hoxha

The Closing Speech of the Congress by Enver Hoxha

In the framework of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Party of Labour of Albania and its 8th Congress


No 1 (62) (C)

Directives of the 8th Congress of the PLA for the 7th Five-year Plan (1981-1985) of economic and cultural development of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania

Socialist Albania will always remain loyal to the great cause of socialism and the revolution – Adil Çarçani

Outstanding enrichment of the history of the National Liberation War – a source of lessons for the future – Arben Puto

A sharp and powerful ideological weapon – Zëri i Popullit

The loyalty of the PLA to Marxism-Leninism – basis of all its victories – Sotir Manushi

The progress of culture and the general progress of the nation – Hamit Beqja

From the life of the country

  • The 8th session of the 9th Legislature of the People’s Assembly
  • The Republic Day
  • New victories, brilliant prospects
  • The Bulletin of ‘Socio-political Studies’
  • Chronicle of archaeological finds in 1981
  • New objectives of the workers of the Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology
  • Underwater discoveries
  • Message of the Central Committee of the PLA to the 2nd Congress of the Communist Party of Denmark (M-L)

How is Titoite Yugoslavia going to the 12th Congress of the LCY? – Skënder Osumi

Press review

  • The People’s Liberation Struggle – A great force against imperialism – Zëri i Popullit
  • Washington penetrates ever deeper into the Revisionist mob – Bashkimi
  • A new war staff of the Pentagon – Luftëtari
  • A means of violence in the hands of the bourgeoisie – Zëri i Popullit
  • The deepening of the crisis – a consequence of the restoration of capitalism in the Soviet Union – Puna
  • The Vatican – centre of the oppression and exploitation of the peoples – Zëri i Popullit

No 2 (63) (C)

Emancipation of women – emancipation of the whole society – Vito Kapo

The raising of productivity of labour – Hasan Banja

Peopling the countryside and extending the working class to the whole territory of Albania – Harilla Papajorgji

Well-being and its continuous uplift in the PSRA – Pal Selala

The process of strengthening the socialist psychology of property and work – Raqi Madhi

National culture and its content – Zija Xholi

The problem of socialism at the centre of the ideological struggle going on in the world today – Servet Pellumbi

Neo-colonialist expansion of Soviet Social-imperialism – Fatos Nano

Press review

  • Centres for the training of the murderers of the people’s of Latin America – Zëri i Popullit
  • Ideological aggression in the service of Imperialist hegemony – Bashkimi
  • Invoking the ghosts of Fascism – Bashkimi
  • American arithmetics of war – Luftëtari
  • The Soviet economy switches on to war lines – Zëri i Popullit
  • Blackmail and military force – typical of the policy of the Soviet Social-imperialists – Bashkimi
  • Documents of the mutual accusations and the rivalry of the Superpowers – Luftëtari
  • ‘Vital interests’ or world domination – Bashkimi

No 3 (64) (C)

The army and the people – one inseparable whole – Gafur Çuçi

A bold program of investments based totally on our own forces – Shinasi Dragoti

Great achievements and clear perspectives of geological sciences – Eshref Pumo

Relations of distribution in Albania – Priamo Bollano

Aspects of demographic development – Fiqiri Sheri

The Albanian National Movement and the Great Powers at the turn of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century – Arben Puto

From the life of the country

  • In the steel unity round the Party, the Albanian people have marched and will always march forward – Brilliant manifestation of workers on May Day
  • The Albanian people remember with profound veneration their sons and daughters who fell in the struggle for the Liberation of the Homeland and the Triumph of the People’s Revolution
  • Commemorative meeting in the square before the bust of People’s Hero Qemal Stafa
  • Homage and wreaths at the cemetery of the Martyrs’ of the Nation
  • Leaders of the Party and the State pay visits to the families of the Martyrs
  • Message of greetings to the 4th Congress of the CP of Canada (M-L)
  • Message of greeting of the CC of the PLA to the 3rd National Conference of the Communist Party of Spain (M-L)
  • To the Congress of the Communist Party of Sweden
  • To the Central Committee of the CP of Brazil to Comrade Joao Amazonas

Plots and Failures – Agim Popa

International monopolies – tools of economic and political expansion – Kolë Prenga

Press Review

  • The liberation struggles of the Peoples – a great force against imperialism – Zëri i Popullit
  • Manufacturers of death – Luftëtari
  • In the whirlpool of the Chinese changing policy – Zëri i Popullit
  • A course of preparation for an incitement to war – Zëri i Popullit
  • ‘Allies’ speaking different languages – Bashkimi
  • Profitable business for the capitalists – Puna
  • ‘Advocates’ or opponents of the human rights – Bashkimi

No 4 (65) (C)

The 9th Congress of the Trade Unions of Albania

Our Socialist Democracy flourishes and is constantly perfected – Xhafer Spahiu

Development of the mining industry, metallurgy and siderurgy – Maqo Bleta

Biology in the service of the intensification of agriculture – Teki Tartari

From the life of the countryside

  • Another reduction in prices in the PSR of Albania
  • The 9th Session of the 9th Legislature of the People’s Assembly of the PSR of Albania
  • National Conference on the formation of the Albanian people, their language and culture

The Congress of the continuation of defeats – Zëri i Popullit

The revolutionary work of George Dimitrov is immortal – Zëri i Popullit

The theories of ‘detente’, ‘balance’ and ‘bipolarism’ – mechanism of hegemony-seeking policy of the Superpowers – Shaban Murati

Press review

  • The blockade of Argentina – a new act of imperialist violence – Zëri i Popullit
  • Repeated failures of Soviet agriculture – Bashkimi
  • Spokesmen of Soviet tutelage – Zëri i Popullit
  • A fraud about the situation of women – Drita
  • Activation of the American diplomacy of strength in the Maghreb – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Multi-national of the ‘Holy Spirit’ – Puna
  • Old refrain, successive failures – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (66) (C)

Commemorative meeting of the General Council of the DFA on the 40th anniversary of the Democratic Front

The 8th Congress of the Labour Youth Union of Albania

We should ceaselessly strengthen the Party and, with it at the head, carry out all the tasks for the further flourishing of our socialist Homeland – Zëri i Popullit

The new family Code of the PSR of Albania – Ksanthipi Begeja

The development and strengthening of the material-technical base is closely connected with the perfecting of the economic relations in town and countryside – Hasan Banja

Achievements in land reclamation and irrigation – Feredin Nuri

The ethnogenesis of the Albanian people in the light of history – Aleks Buda

Press review

  • The Albanian people energetically support the just struggle of the Palestinian people – From the speech of the Albanian representative at the 7th extraordinary urgent session of the UN General Assembly
  • Endless marathon of humbug – Zëri i Popullit
  • Deepening splits – Bashkimi
  • Racism and chauvinism – Zëri i Popullit
  • Great-Russian policy of Denationalization – Zëri i Popullit
  • Underminers of the struggle of the Latin-American proletariat – Zëri i Popullit
  • From Eurocommunism to Euroleftism – Bashkimi

No 6 (67) (C)

Speech prior to the elections for the 10th Legislature of the People’s Assembly of the PSR of Albania – Enver Hoxha

With the Party at the head, let us make socialist Albania stronger and happier – Adil Çarçani

The 70th Anniversary of Independence and the 38th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Homeland and the triumph of the People’s revolution

From the life of the country

  • The 1st Session of the People’s Assembly of the PSR of Albania
  • The National Conference dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the Independence of Albania
  • The National Exhibition of Figurative Arts
  • The National Museum dedicated to Gjergj Kastrioti- Skanderbeg is inaugurated

The PSR of Albania consistently pursues an independent and principled foreign policy – Reis Malile

Press review

  • Who rules in the Soviet Union? – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ideas of the October Revolution are immortal – Zëri i Popullit
  • Fascists, migrant labour and the deals of the bourgeoisie – Bashkimi
  • Integration commanded by the Kremlin – Zëri i Popullit
  • Neo-colonialist brain drain – Zëri i Popullit
  • The New Economic Order – A neo-colonialist mask – Zëri i Popullit
  • Religion – close collaborator of the Soviet Revisionists – Bashkimi
  • Defenders of the capitalist system – Puna


No 1 (68) (C)

History of the heroic resistance and struggle of the Party of Labour of Albania

Development of the power industry in the PSR of Albania – Agron Çuedari

The construction of socialism in the countryside and the narrowing down of distinctions between city and country – Deko Rusi

The Albanian school and the outstanding achievements of world culture – Hamit Beqja

Achievements and perspectives of the economic sciences in the PSR of Albania – Priamo Bollano

The Proclamation of Independence of Albania – a great turning-point in the history of the Albanian people – Stefanaq Pollo

The formation of the Albanian language – Mahir Domi

The present and the historical past in the modern Albanian novel – Dalan Shapllo

Communique of the Council of Ministers of the PSR of Albania on the liquidation of the consequences of the earthquake of November 17, 1982

Press review

  • Why democratic Switzerland worries Belgrade – Zëri i Popullit
  • ‘Compensated’ Sovereignty – Zëri i Popullit
  • The misfortune of Europe – Zëri i Popullit
  • The card of the sanctions – Zëri i Popullit
  • Zionist logic – Zëri i Popullit
  • KGB – the black scourge of the Kremlin – Zëri i Popullit

No 2 (69) (C)

Report ‘On the fulfilment of the State Plan and Budget for 1982 and the Draft Plan and Draft budget for 1983’ – Harilla Papajorgji

Commemorative meeting on the 100th Anniversary of the death of Karl Marx

The Great Stalin – Zëri i Popullit

A principled consistent struggle from Marxist-Leninist positions – Foto Çami

Fresh testimony of the anti-Albanian policy of the Yugoslav leadership – Zëri i Popullit

The creation and development of industry in the PSRA – Hasan Banja

Literature and arts towards a new qualitative leap – Dritero Agolli

The Albanian people have won and defended their national independence with their own forces – Shyqri Ballvora

Press review

  • Reagan and Andropov and their atomic blackmail – Zëri i Popullit
  • The freedom-loving Iranian people – Zëri i Popullit
  • Instruments of the American Policy of aggression – Bashkimi
  • The Yugoslav Self-administration in a grave crisis – ATA
  • ‘Socialist Orientation’ or orientation towards Moscow – Bashkimi
  • The ‘Discriminated Against’ Russian minorities – Zëri i Popullit
  • The spying activity of the sinister CIA in the trade unions – Puna

No 3 (70) (C)

The 9th Congress of the Women’s Union of Albania

National Scientific Conference on Problems of the Development of the Economy – Comrade Ramiz Alia‘s Speech

A brilliant page in the history of the Albanian people and Party – Sofokli Lazri

Karl Marx and the world revolutionary process – Shyqri Ballvora

Constant improvement of the people’s well-being – Genc Shkodra, Sabri Ganiu

The literature for children – a great achievement of our art of socialist realism – Bedri Dedja

The formation of the Albanian people seen in the light of archeological information – Skënder Anamali

From the life of the countryside

  • Brilliant expression of the steel unity of the people around the Party with Comrade Enver Hoxha at the head
  • New price reductions
  • May Day celebration in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and new achievements in Socialist Albania
  • Comrade Enver Hoxha receives the ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Comrade Enver Hoxha receives a message from Premier Pham Van Dong
  • The 39th Anniversary of the historic Congress of Permet

Telegram – To the Congress of the Communist Party  of Brazil

Press review

  • Will the agreement on the construction of the Shkodra-Titograd railway be honoured? – Zëri i Popullit
  • The Yuogslavs make fresh concessions to the Soviet Social-imperialists – Zëri i Popullit
  • Europe – a [pawn in the hands of the superpowers – Zëri i Popullit
  • The socialist ‘loudspeaker’ of the policy of aggressions – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘Saviours’ of the ‘Socialist Community’ from the crisis – Zëri i Popullit
  • Firm resistance of the Revolutionary Forces – Zëri i Popullit

No 4 (71) (C)

The 3rd Session of the 10th Legislature of the People’s Assembly

Policy in the service of socialism and the freedom and independence of the homeland – Ramiz Alia

The 40th anniversary of the creation of the People’s Army

The development of the productive forces and the main problems emerging therefrom – Petro Dode

Deepening the intensification of agriculture – the permanent main road of the development of agricultural production – Themie Thomai

A glorious event that inspires mobilization – Aleks Buda

The Marxist doctrine of socialism and the ideological struggle today – Sotir Manushi

Inequality and national oppression – features of the present-day Soviet state – Vitore Ballvora

Press Review

  • Only the struggles of the peoples of the world against the aggressive powers and in defence of true peace can save mankind from imperialist wars – Zëri i Popullit and Bashkimi
  • The program of Andropov: Oppression and Aggression – Zëri i Popullit
  • Long-range diversion – Zëri i Popullit
  • America’s Linguistic Chauvinism – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (72) (C)

Greeting of the Central Committee of the PLA Addressed to Comrade Enver Hoxha on the Occasion of the 75th Anniversary of his birthday

Comrade Enver Hoxha received a group of workers and had a cordial talk with them

The People’s Socialist Republic of Albania pursues an open, principled and consistent foreign policy – Reis Malile

From the life of the country

  • The 4th National Conference of the veterans of the war of the Albanian people
  • Activities devoted to the 75th anniversary of Comrade Enver Hoxha’s birthday
  • The National Folklore Festival 1983

Perfecting of the Socialist Relations of Production – Harilla Papajorgji

Increasing the efficiency of the economy – Hekuran Mara

The raising of the qualitative level of the school to contemporary demands – Tefta Cami

Superiority of Socialist Agriculture – Ibrahim Baçi

Constant improvement of housing conditions – Ideale Hasko

Failure of the capitalist economic system of Yugoslav Self-administration – Zëri i Popullit

The economic theory of Karl Marx and the present crisis of capitalism – Selaudin Kucaj, Fatos Nano

Revisionism spells disruption of unity – Lulzim Çota

Press Review

  • The First Congress of the Revolutionary Communist Party of Britain (M-L) – Zëri i Popullit
  • Reagan’s ‘Peace diplomacy’ – Zëri i Popullit
  • Europe – a prey to the superpowers
  • Moscow left the ‘sister countries’ of the ‘socialist community’ in the lurch – Zëri i Popullit
  • Wall Street generosity – Bashkimi
  • The ‘giant’ at the mercy of imports – Zëri i Popullit

No 6 (73) (C)

Speech at the Scientific Conference – Ramiz Alia

The revolution and scientific construction in Albania – a living example of the vitality and creative implementation of the Marxist-Leninist theory – Foto Çami

The defence and development by the PLA of the Marxist-Leninist theory of revolution – Stefanaq pollo

The PLA and Comrade Enver Hoxha on the Party and its leading role – Pirro Kondi

The policy of the PLA and its experience of the building of the socialist economy – Harilla Papajorgji

On the dictatorship of the proletariat and the class struggle in Albania – Jorgji Sota

The ideological and cultural revolution in the work of the Party and Comrade Enver Hoxha – Anastas Kondo

The teachings of the Party and Comrade Enver Hoxha on the liberation of the country and the defence of the socialist Homeland – Simon Ballabani

The foreign policy of the PLA and our socialist state – an independent and principled policy – Sokrat Plaka

The struggle of the PLA and Comrade Enver Hoxha against modern revisionism – Sofokli Lazri


No 1 (74) (C)

The 4th Session of the 10th Legislature of the People’s Assembly

Concern for the health of man – Ajli Alushani

The PLA on the treatment and correct solution of contradictions in socialist society – Ismail Lleshi

The development of national culture is a vital problem, an imperative for the defence of the freedom and independence of every country – Sofokli Lazri

Some features of the Albanian novel – Dritero Agolli

Marx’s philosophy and the development of science and the technical-scientific revolution at the present time – Kristaq Angjeli

Post-modernism – a new expression of decadence in aesthetics and art – Alfred Uçi

The problems of Kosova can be solved only with wisdom and dispassionately – Zëri i Popullit

The Stockholm Conference – another peace illusion – Zëri i Popullit

Grave threats to the security and sovereignty of European countries – Napoleon Roshi

Press review

  • ‘Specialisation and cooperation’ at the expense of others – Zëri i Popullit
  • Imperialist-Zionist anti-Arab coordination – Bashkimi
  • Front of Imperialist rivalries – Bashkimi
  • The torn garment of the suppressors of freedom – Bashkimi

No 2 (75) (C)

Decision of the Central Committee of the PLA ‘On celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Homeland and the Triumph of the People’s Revolution’

The Problems of the woman are problems of a profound political and social character – Lumturi Rexha

The policy of prices, their stability and reduction – Niko Gjyzari

PSRA – a state of the dictatorship of the proletariat – Zija Xholi

The process of the uninterrupted development of the cooperativist order in the countryside – Kozma Skaço

The foreign trade of the PSR of Albania – Naqo Sinani

Industry in the service of the intensification of agricultural and livestock-raising – Robert Laperi

The new Albanian literature and the tradition – Dhimiter Shuteriqi

Some aspects of the development of the Albanian poetry – Ismail Kadare

The slanders and attacks of enemies neither frighten nor disturb the Albanian people – Zeri i Popullit

The chauvinist oppression of the Albanian people in Kosova continues – Zëri i Popullit

Conventional weapons also pose a threat to the people’s – Zëri i Popullit

The proletarian class essence of the national character of literature and art – Raqi Madhi

Failures of the model of ‘consumer society’ – Muço Ahmetaj

Press Review

  • US aggression remains a threat to the Arab people’s and peace – Zëri i Popullit
  • On what tight do the United States lay claim on sea areas thousands of miles off their shores? – Zëri i Popullit
  • Criminals that gamble with the destinies of the peoples – Zëri i Popullit
  • Nuclear War: An accident or a policy? – Zëri i Popullit

No 3 (76) (C)

The 40th Anniversary of the historic Congress of Përmet

  • Comrade Enver Hoxha’s message of greetings to the participants in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Congress of Përmet
  • From Comrade Rita Marko’s Speech

The 3rd Congress of the Writers and Artists’ League of Albania

  • Comrade Manush Myftiu greets the Congress on behalf of the Central Committee
  • We must strengthen the militant spirit of literature and art and raise their qualitative level – Dritëro Agolli

Steel Party-People Unity – Xhorxhi Robo

The dynamic and proportional development of the economy – Hasan Banja

Science and technique developing production and raising well-being – Kolë Popa

The development of the energy industry in the PSR of Albania – Llazar Papajorgji

Chemization of agriculture, achievements and perspectives – Aqif Dabulla

The socialist order is the most democratic order – Liri Gjoliku

Windows on the history and culture of the Albanian people – Burhan Çiraku

The reactionary essence of the Soviet revisionist theory of ‘socialist orientation’ – Nesti Karaguni

No 4 (77) (C)

The 5th Session of the 10th legislature of the People’s Assembly

  • On the development of education, culture and science, their influence on the growth of production and the tasks set by the Party for a new step forward in these directions – From the report submitted by Tefta Cami, Minister of Education, on behalf of the Council of Ministers

Two new books by Comrade Enver Hoxha

  • The steel links of the Party with the people – the key to our victories, ‘Among the Common Folk’ (Memoirs)


The youth is a great revolutionary progressive force – Remzi Lani

Albanian agriculture on the road of its ceaseless development and intensification – Lufter Xhuveli

Town planning in the service of the people – Sokrat Mosko

The defence of the country is based on the armed people – Meto Metaj

The demographic processes are inseparable from the socio-economic development – Koço Skënderi and Ylli Vejsiu

Labour legislation – a major victory of the working class and all working people – Paskal Haxhi

Achievements of Albanian ethnography and folklore – Qemal Haxhihasani and Abaz Dojaka

Who hinders Albanian-Yugoslav cultural relations? – Zëri i Popullit

Unjustifiable clamour – Zëri i Popullit

What do the Great Serbs want to achieve through their chauvinist terror and violence in Kosova? – Zëri i Popullit

Socialism – the most advanced social order

  • Free of charge Health Service
  • No taxes or impositions
  • Only two working days are enough to pay the rent
  • In Socialism science carries out its natural function

Press Review

  • Why the Superpowers fall back on Resolution 242 of the Security Council – Zëri i Popullit
  • Great ‘Guarantors’ of ‘Small’ Sovereignties – Zëri i Popullit
  • The ‘Abstentions from first nuclear strike’ of the Soviets – a variant of the ‘Limited Nuclear War’ of the Americas – Zëri i Popullit
  • ‘Preventive Strike’ – a step ahead towards Imperialist Aggression – Zëri i Popullit
  • Why do the Soviet Marshals talk about the ‘Borderline’ between the two blocs? – Zëri i Popullit

No 5 (78) (C)

Comrade Enver Hoxha’s greetings addressed to the Ex-delegates of the 1st Congress of the Anti-fascist Youth Union of Albania

Socialist Industrialisation – A magnificent deed of the Party – Hajredin Çeliku

The participation of the masses in the running of the country strengthens and democratises our People’s State Power (On Comrade Enver Hoxha’s book ‘On the People’s State Power’) – Rita Marko

The working class sets the tone to the whole life of the country – Adem Tukaj

The Marxist-Leninist Theoretical Thinking of the PLA and Comrade Enver Hoxha on the Socialist Development and Transformation of Agriculture – Nexhmedin Dumani and Zydi Pepa

Socialist Culture – A weapon in the struggle for unbroken progress – Hamit Beqja

Achievements and Developments of Transport – Thoma Kromidha and Petraq Konduri

The Development and Perspectives of the Chemical Industry – Muharrem Frashëri


  • Enver Hoxha – The State Power we are building is the future of our country and people – From the report submitted to the 2nd Meeting of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation Council of Albania, October 20, 1944
  • Enver Hoxha – The Albanian Anti-Fascist women found their road of salvation through the National Liberation War – Speech delivered to the 1st Congress of the Albanian Anti-Fascist Women’s Union

Socialism is the most advanced Social Order

  • Agriculture with growing mechanisation
  • The Socialist Order and the Popular Culture
  • The Personality of Man
  • Savings and Insurance Banks in the thriftiest of societies
  • The working man on the pedestal

About some current problems of the struggle of the Party against Modern Revisionism over the questions of present world development – Agim Popa and Vangjel Moisiu

A case without precedent of the selling out of National Sovereignty – Zëri i Popullit

The main road for the solution of demographic problems is that of shaking off dependence on Imperialist Revisionist States – From the speech of the representatives of the PSR of Albania, Justin Papajorgji, at the World Conference of the UNO on population problems

International Credit – A means of Imperialist Plunder and Oppression – Gramon Pashko

No 6 (79) (C)

Message of Greetings on the Occasion of the 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of Albania – Enver Hoxha

The correct line of the Party – the source of our victories – Ramiz Alia


  • The 40th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Homeland and the Triumph of the People’s Revolution Celebrated with Great Solemnity

Laying the Foundations of the New Albania – On Comrade Enver Hoxha‘s new book of memoirs and historical notes

The 40th Anniversary of the 2nd Meeting of the Anti-Fascist National Liberation Council

  • Comrade Enver Hoxha‘s message of greetings addressed to the participants
  • Excerpts from Comrade Besnik Bekteshi’s Speech

The 40th Anniversary of the 1st Congress of the Anti-Fascist Women’s Union of Albania

  • Message of greetings of Comrade Enver Hoxha
  • From Comrade Lenka Çuko’s Speech

Magnificent constructions that have changed the face of the country – Farudin Hoxha

In defence of freedom and the gains of socialism – Jaçe Lula

Socialism – a really humane order – Agim Popa

Socialist Realism – art of great possibilities – Ismail Kadare

Socialism – the most advanced social order

  • Superiority of our system of economic development
  • Democratic transformation in the educational level of the population
  • Youth with a sure future
  • Constant improvement of the well-being of the peasantry
  • The Albanian women in the elected organs
  • The right of revocation – expression of the sovereignty of the people

The foreign policy of the People’s Socialist Republic of Albania is completely independent – Reis Malile

Yugoslavia sabotages the conclusion of the Agreement on the Programme of Cultural Collaboration with Albania – ATA

The Anti-Albanian policy of the Yugoslav leaders – an abortive policy – Zëri i Popullit

The people and sovereign countries must firmly oppose the imperialist policy of aggressive course of the superpowers – Muhamet Kapllani

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