Popol Vuh Museum – Guatemala City

Popol Vuh Museum

Popol Vuh Museum

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Popol Vuh Museum – Guatemala City

The Popol Vuh Museum is housed in a modern building which is part of the Francisco Marroquín University, in Zone 10 of Guatemala City.

It is one of the finest collections of Mayan art in the world and definitely worth the effort to visit if you are in the city. But not an easy place to get to.

The university promotes neo-liberal/neoconservative thinking but you can ignore that and admire the artefacts on display – and then leave all that crap behind.

How to get there:

There’s no real public transport to the university campus so either a taxi or walking – depending upon from where you might be starting. When entering the university site look for the signs for the ‘Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing’. With that museum on your right head for the stairway into the university ahead of you towards your left. Entrance to the museum is on the first floor, up the stairs. Make sure to have a look at some of the sculptures and pottery that are in the public areas, next to lecture rooms, at ground level when you come out.



There’s an extra charge of Q15 if you want to take pictures – and you get given a permission sticker. Worthwhile paying the extra.

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