Moscow Metro – Barrikadnaya – Line 7

Line 7 - Barrikadnaya - by Alex 'Florstein' Fedorov

Line 7 – Barrikadnaya – by Alex ‘Florstein’ Fedorov

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Moscow Metro – Barrikadnaya – Line 7

Barrikadnaya - exterior

Barrikadnaya – exterior

Barrikadnaya (Баррикадная) is a station on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line of the Moscow Metro. It is named after the events of the Revolution of 1905, when it was a site for barricades on Krasnaya Presnya street. The station was opened in 1972 as the first station on the Krasnopresenenskiy line, and for three years was its southern terminus, until the tunnel to Pushkinskaya connected it to the Zhdanovskiy line.

Barrikadnaya - hammer bas relief

Barrikadnaya – hammer bas relief

The station was built following a typical pylon design, but due to unfavourable underlying geological conditions the pylons eventually had to be widened. The station architects Strelkov and Polikarpova used pink and red marble in the pylons. The walls use with different shades of pink, red, blue and grey marble. The central hall had to be extended as the station was initially designed for extended seven-carriage trains (although the line has been using eight-carriages since the late 1980s). The entrances to the central hall are all decorated with metallic artworks.

Barrikadnaya - star

Barrikadnaya – star

The entrance to the station is located on Barrikadnaya Street, which links Krasnaya Presnya with the Garden Ring, and is externally decorated with stone artwork depicting the events of 1905. Across the road is one of Stalin’s Seven Sisters skyscrapers. From the opposite end of the central hall there is a transfer to the Krasnopresnenskaya station of the Koltsevaya Line.

Barrikadnaya - hammer and sickle

Barrikadnaya – hammer and sickle

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30 metres (98 ft)


30 December 1972

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