More deaths in a war trumps defeating a pandemic

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Ukraine – what you’re not told

More deaths in a war trumps defeating a pandemic

In Britain the figures for covid infections keep on rising and falling. There’s little talk of hospitals being overwhelmed and no mention at all of deaths. Just over two years ago you were a minor celebrity if you caught covid now no one notices.

Although not strictly a disease of the winter the expectation (at least it is hoped there are some with the responsibility to deal with infections to have such expectations) the figures will again climb due to the sort of social mixing that takes place indoors when it gets cold. Whether it will be as catastrophic as in previous years remains to be seen. If it is not that will be more down to luck than any planning by the Government. Two and a half years since the disease was identified there is still no strategy (and if there is they are keeping it very quiet).

Not surprisingly the Buffoon is more concerned about his own miserable political future than managing the worst pandemic the world has had to face in a hundred years. (That’s, of course, if you ignore the disease of capitalism that has been killing people in their millions every year of its existence.)

As if the deaths from the pandemic were not bad enough he is more concerned with perpetuating the war in the Ukraine and increasing spending on ‘defence’, both of which necessarily lead to more and more death and destruction of populations and economies.

The situation when it comes to vaccines is not really any better now (worldwide) than it was 18 months ago.

The richer countries are now up to four vaccines for the most ‘vulnerable’ and will soon be vaccinating embryos in the womb yet in the vast majority of the ‘Global South’ hundreds of millions haven’t even seen a vaccine let alone gotten ‘full’ protection.

And that situation is fully down to the policies followed by the capitalists in the ‘west’.

They take a cavalier approach to the valuable vaccines and there are constant stories of a million doses here, a million does there having to be destroyed as they have gone out of date. (Whether such a short shelf life is actually necessary I have my doubts. Not being a scientist I don’t know the actual science behind such periods but it does seem like another way to pump more billions into the pockets of ‘Big Pharma’.)

Promises made with great acclaim at international meetings about these rich countries ‘donating’ vaccines to the poorer parts of the world’s population come to nought and once the limelight has been switched down those promises are rarely fulfilled.

But worst of all is the opposition of all the leaders of the capitalist countries to the (just temporary and only in this particular situation) relaxing of the patent laws that would allow for more countries to be able to produce, and thus satisfy, their own vaccine needs.

If reason is needed to demonstrate that the World Trade Organisation – to which all these patent laws relate – was a cartel of the rich to make them richer and to keep the poor in even deeper levels of destitution then what is being played out at this time should dispel all doubts.

Vaccine programme worldwide

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Over 82 Million U.S. covid vaccine doses have been discarded as pandemic funding stalls. (Article published 6 June 2022.)

This has been happening everywhere in the ‘west’. And has been going on since the vaccine was first stated to be distributed.

More than a million corona shots in the trash: The surpluses are large everywhere. [This from the Netherlands.]

Growing revolt among medical practitioners against vaccinating toddlers for covid. [From the US.]

Repeat covid

Covid reinfections could be more severe for some – but overall evidence doesn’t give us cause for concern.

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Girls’ mental health has been affected more than boys’ during the pandemic.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and waste

£4 billion of unusable PPE bought in first year of pandemic will be burnt ‘to generate power’.

Those who benefited from the pandemic

‘Profiting from Pain’: Covid created a billionaire every 30 hours.

Poverty in Britain

From pandemic to cost of living crisis: low-income families in challenging times – Joseph Rowntree Trust – findings, full report. Uploaded to media

To ‘level up’, the UK needs a real jubilee: a mass write-off of debts.

How are people adapting post (first wave?) covid pandemic

Long social distancing: how young adults’ habits have changed since covid.

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View of the world

Ukraine – what you’re not told

Chaos remains – even when restrictions are relaxed

More on covid pandemic 2020-2?

View of the world

Ukraine – what you’re not told

Chaos remains – even when restrictions are relaxed

From yesterday (Thursday 24th February 2022) virtually all the restrictions that had been in place, to a greater or lesser extent since the back end of March 2020, have been removed in England. There are variations in the other three ‘nations’ but they will almost certainly follow suit – it’s just a matter of time.

Such a declaration should have been a cause for celebration but this is Britain in the third decade of the 21st century and the people – in their ‘wisdom’ – had chosen a public school Buffoon to be their Prime Minister.

After stating countless times that the Government was ‘following the science’ much of the detail of the removal of restrictions goes against virtually all scientific advice. (Even in the past the public stating of ‘following the science’ was more to permit the Buffoon to shift the blame on someone else if it all hit the fan.)

For more than a year testing wasn’t done when it should have been and that only started to change with the ‘Liverpool Pilot’, which began at the beginning of November 2020. Although the results of that pilot were never made public (as far as I know) it wasn’t long before testing became more generally available – although tied to the inefficient (and eventually corrupt) tracking and tracing system. If it did nothing else it caused confusion and probably an unnecessary number of people being asked to ‘self-isolate’ for ten days.

Come Omicron the country went crazy. More and more people were being told to test everyday – which was ludicrous even for a variant that was more contagious – and that led to a situation where people were testing unnecessarily, the results being of no use to anyone.

So from a situation of too little testing the country was then testing too much. In the process hiking up the fear level of those who were already thinking that a knock on the door was the Grim Reaper and not the postman/woman.

Now all those free test kits are going to be withdrawn. As well as the payment for certain people who didn’t receive sick pay as a right – an increasing number of people due to the fact that more and more people were on ‘zero hour’ or short term contracts. Tests will still be available – but you will have to pay – and various companies are already planning the new yachts for their CEO’s as ‘Panic Britain’ continues to test, probably when it’s not needed.

So not unsurprisingly it’s the poorest members of society who will suffer the most. For the rich buying the test kits won’t be a problem. For the poor it will be a situation whether they test or pay other bills (specially heating) or food. And if you aren’t able to claim the emergency sick pay, that ends in a month’s time, then more people will be going in to work even if they think they are infected.

This knee jerk reaction to ending restrictions is typical of a ‘government’ which has never had a strategy from the start. If they did then they would have had plans in place to reduce the restrictions without at the same time causing risks of a spurt in infections as well as making the poorest in society suffer.

And that’s not even addressing the issue of vaccines. In Britain younger and younger children are being offered the jab and there are plans in place for a fourth vaccination for ‘the most vulnerable’. But that was the plan at the time the vaccines started to play a major role in the fight against the virus. As each cohort was vaccinated arguments were put up to extend it and extend and extend it and ….

Whether that policy will really be of any use remains to be seen. What is certain is that more and more money will be given to ‘Big Pharma’ and less and less vaccines will be getting to those in the poorer parts of the world who have barely seen one let alone four.

Vaccination programme in Britain ….

How anti-vaccine influencers exploit mothers.

Even though millions in throughout the world, much more ‘vulnerable’ than most children, have still to receive a single dose of any vaccine in the Wales and Scotland (and almost certainly soon in the rest of the UK) vaccines will be offered to children aged five to 11.

And four hours later – England to offer covid jab to five to 11-year-olds. Petty nationalism by petty-minded people. During a pandemic when everyone should be working together they still fight their historic battles.

The arguments here from the scientists who recommended this policy. Not sure if the arguments really stand-up. But here for you to make up your mind. Vaccination of 5 to 11 year-olds, More or Less, BBC Radio 4, 25th February 2022.

Covid and flu jabs could be given at same time in the autumn.

….. and the rest of the world

Africa is bringing vaccine manufacturing home – a major milestone was reached last week when scientists in South Africa reproduced Moderna’s covid-19 vaccine. Covid-19 patents must now be shared.

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but …

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but …

The People’s Vaccine—Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine was largely funded by taxpayer dollars.

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The pandemic in the world

Omicron threat remains high in east Europe – World Health Organisation (WHO).

Have hybrid coronaviruses already been made? We simply don’t know for sure, and that’s a problem.

Those making billions from the pandemic

Moderna condemned for ‘eye-watering’ profits from publicly-funded vaccine.

Covid ‘reinfections’

Covid reinfections: are they milder and do they strengthen immunity?

Previous pandemics

The Black Death was not as widespread or catastrophic as long thought.

Poverty in Britain

The UK’s ‘work-first’ approach to benefits hurts mothers.

Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) report shows increase in rent arrears.

New energy campaign offers Edinburgh residents advice and support with bills.

Many UK homes cut back on essentials to pay for TV, phones and internet.

New measures won’t protect poorest families from new energy price cap.

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have produced a report entitles Households below a minimum income standard 2008-09 to 2019-20, Findings and Full Report.

Homelessness set to soar in England amid cost of living crisis.

Evictions rise: ‘I was quite upset, it was panic mode’.

Poverty in other parts of the ‘industrialised’ world

‘Homelessness is lethal’: US deaths among those without housing are surging.


Why don’t most people with covid need to test for another 30 days, even if they’re re-exposed?

Boots to sell £6 covid tests ahead of rule change.

‘Collateral damage’

The NHS backlog recovery plan and the outlook for waiting lists – the ‘pie in the sky’ dream of the Buffoon.

Covid may have made us less materialistic.

Adult social care was hit hard during the pandemic – it will need help to recover.

Russell Group universities ‘profiting from students’ misery’ after amassing £2.2bn cash surplus

The 24 members of the prestigious group were collectively handed over £115 million from the Government in furlough money.

Seven-week gap advised for elective surgery after Omicron.

Audit Scotland: NHS staffing could threaten post-covid recovery.

Corruption in Britain

Matt Hancock failed to comply with equality duty over Dido Harding appointment.

Taxpayer left to pay billions due to covid fraud.

UK taxpayers lose £15 billion to covid fraud in government schemes.

The Government response (in November 2021);

Our approach to error and fraud in the covid-19 support schemes. But how much will be recovered and how many will be prosecuted?

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View of the world

Ukraine – what you’re not told

The pandemic forgotten as the Buffoon scrambles to ensure his political future

More on covid pandemic 2020-2?

View of the world

Ukraine – what you’re not told

The pandemic forgotten as the Buffoon scrambles to ensure his political future

As each day goes by, in Britain, there’s less and less evidence that there’s still a worldwide pandemic. On public transport and in stores, where the ‘guidance’ is still to wear a mask, fewer people do so as they follow what is the ‘norm’.

That doesn’t mean to say things are getting back to even the ‘new normal’. The number of people travelling on public transport is still way down from what it was two years ago – partly because there are still people afraid to mix and will use their own transport if they have it and many people are still ‘working from home’ – those that can do so.

If you get infected or end up dying with the virus you’re not really even counted now as the figures that used to come out on a daily basis are now only released when someone has a point to make – either in favour of less or more restrictions.

The Buffoon and his Government, who (despite all their protestations to the contrary) have made a pig’s ear of dealing with the pandemic from the start (many of the U-turns and confusions being documented on this blog) are using the various non-pandemic crises that are cropping up to divert attention away from the fact that they were quite happy to carry on in a way that they were saying was too dangerous for the majority of the population to follow – the so-called ‘partygate’.

They are hoping the longer it all drags out the more people will forget their hypocrisy (not an entirely impossible scenario) and that the Tory Members of Parliament who might consider the whole issue an embarrassment will start to think of their own futures and hold back from pressuring the Buffoon to resign. After all a couple more years on the gravy train is better than facing an election where they might all be sent into the wilderness.

The Buffoon makes announcement that are aimed at ‘buying’ votes – a tactic which Thatcher used, with not inconsiderable success in the 1980s – but whether he will be successful in buying votes so cheaply has yet to be seen.

More seriously the Buffoon is following in the wake of the failed and failing Biden administration and banging the drums of war against Russia over the Ukraine accompanied by the embarrassing spectacle of both Johnson and Truss playing at being diplomats – which amuses the Russians if no one else. So after a ‘war’ against a virus we might see a war in the real sense.

Wars have historically been good at diverting attention away from domestic problems, in Britain the most recent example of that was the war against Argentina in Las Malvinas in 1982. And even when millions go on the streets that doesn’t stop the warmongers from carrying out their plans – as could be seen in 2003 prior to the invasion and destruction of Iraq. If all the weapons are just allowed to lie in storage how can the military-industrial complex increase their profits?

But the virus hasn’t gone away. If the vaccination programme was the way out of it there are still only a very small percentage of the world’s poorest people who have yet to receive even one dose. Britain, together with most of the other ‘industrialised’ and wealthiest countries in the world are still holding out against patent waivers and promises of ‘donations’ of vaccines are falling way short of the numbers needed.

But then if there was a patent waiver this would have the effect of reducing the profits of ‘Big Pharma’ – and that will never do.

In all ‘wars’ there are winners and losers. What capitalism has been very successful in achieving is maintaining a grip on society where the losers are the poor and the winners are those who already have many times more than they need. Indeed, that is what capitalism is all about.

It always comes down to how long working people are prepared to accept this. However much they might have suffered in the last two years (with problems over and above those they might have had for years) there still isn’t a groundswell that looks like changing the situation any time soon.

The vaccination programme in the UK ….

Cash incentives for vaccination could be an effective long-term strategy.

The Covid-19 vaccination programme: trials, tribulations and successes, the Summary, the Full Report.

AstraZeneca vaccine: Did nationalism spoil UK’s ‘gift to the world’?

…. and the rest of the world

Scientists argue for the sharing of technology so that vaccines can be produced in other parts o0f the world.

Cuba leads the world in vaccinating children as young as two against covid.

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Who’s making billions from the pandemic?

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Pfizer profits

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Treatment other than vaccines

WHO recommends two new treatments – here’s how they work.

Gut bacteria could help protect against covid and even lead to a new drug.

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Understanding the statistics

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‘Collateral damage’

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Plan to tackle England’s NHS backlog delayed.

Energy prices: how covid helped them to surge – and why they won’t go down any time soon.


Why some people with symptoms don’t get tested.

The omicron variant …

Two thirds of people who catch omicron have already had covid.

Omicron reinfection rate dwarfs last 18 months of covid.

South African scientists on the inside story of discovering omicron – and what their experience offers the world about future variants. A link to a Podcast.

…. and the variant’s variant

BA.2 is like Omicron’s sister. Here’s what we know about it so far.

The nationalists’ record

Covid in Scotland: ‘Lack of planning’ has put NHS in crisis.

Covid mortality

Don’t believe the claim that only 17,371 people have died from covid in England and Wales.

U.S. coronavirus deaths surpass 900,000, driven in part by Omicron surge.

The next pandemic

Failure to prevent pandemics at source is ‘greatest folly’. Protecting wildlife to stop viruses jumping to humans would save far more than it costs, analysis shows.

Covid restrictions

England’s plan B restrictions are lifting – but are some measures here to stay?

Covid fraud

Treasury minister quits over covid loan fraud: what we know so far about the unfolding scandal.

Government writes off £8.7 billion of pandemic PPE.

Owen Paterson’s private messages about Randox testing released.

Poverty in Britain ….

Consumption inequality in the digital age.

Government inaction on energy bills ‘will cause an increase in deaths’ in Scotland.

Energy poverty is linked to physical and mental health.

Labour market effects of the increase in the state pension age from 65 to 66. The Full Report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

Extra 1.3 million workers on universal credit since pandemic began.

Interest Rate hikes are Class War.

Inequality and the covid crisis in the United Kingdom – and Institute for Fiscal Studies report.

…. and poverty throughout the world

Private sector debt and coronavirus in developing countries. A number of anti-poverty NGOs came together in 2020 to produce a report entitled Under the radar (don’t know why this is the first time I’ve come across it).

Oxfam International have just released a report entitled ‘Inequality Kills: The unparalleled action needed to combat unprecedented inequality in the wake of covid-19’. The Summary and the Full Report.

Effects of covid on the rest of health care

Warwick University have produced a report, entitled Pandemic Pressures and Public Health care – evidence from England, looking at the impact of covid on general health care.

Blaming someone else

How the psychology of blame can explain covid-19 responses.

To shield or not to shield

More than 1.5 million people were wrongly told to shield from covid-19.

Problems in the NHS

The NHS is having its worst winter ever – and the reasons run much deeper than covid.

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Ukraine – what you’re not told