Chaos remains – even when restrictions are relaxed

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Ukraine – what you’re not told

Chaos remains – even when restrictions are relaxed

From yesterday (Thursday 24th February 2022) virtually all the restrictions that had been in place, to a greater or lesser extent since the back end of March 2020, have been removed in England. There are variations in the other three ‘nations’ but they will almost certainly follow suit – it’s just a matter of time.

Such a declaration should have been a cause for celebration but this is Britain in the third decade of the 21st century and the people – in their ‘wisdom’ – had chosen a public school Buffoon to be their Prime Minister.

After stating countless times that the Government was ‘following the science’ much of the detail of the removal of restrictions goes against virtually all scientific advice. (Even in the past the public stating of ‘following the science’ was more to permit the Buffoon to shift the blame on someone else if it all hit the fan.)

For more than a year testing wasn’t done when it should have been and that only started to change with the ‘Liverpool Pilot’, which began at the beginning of November 2020. Although the results of that pilot were never made public (as far as I know) it wasn’t long before testing became more generally available – although tied to the inefficient (and eventually corrupt) tracking and tracing system. If it did nothing else it caused confusion and probably an unnecessary number of people being asked to ‘self-isolate’ for ten days.

Come Omicron the country went crazy. More and more people were being told to test everyday – which was ludicrous even for a variant that was more contagious – and that led to a situation where people were testing unnecessarily, the results being of no use to anyone.

So from a situation of too little testing the country was then testing too much. In the process hiking up the fear level of those who were already thinking that a knock on the door was the Grim Reaper and not the postman/woman.

Now all those free test kits are going to be withdrawn. As well as the payment for certain people who didn’t receive sick pay as a right – an increasing number of people due to the fact that more and more people were on ‘zero hour’ or short term contracts. Tests will still be available – but you will have to pay – and various companies are already planning the new yachts for their CEO’s as ‘Panic Britain’ continues to test, probably when it’s not needed.

So not unsurprisingly it’s the poorest members of society who will suffer the most. For the rich buying the test kits won’t be a problem. For the poor it will be a situation whether they test or pay other bills (specially heating) or food. And if you aren’t able to claim the emergency sick pay, that ends in a month’s time, then more people will be going in to work even if they think they are infected.

This knee jerk reaction to ending restrictions is typical of a ‘government’ which has never had a strategy from the start. If they did then they would have had plans in place to reduce the restrictions without at the same time causing risks of a spurt in infections as well as making the poorest in society suffer.

And that’s not even addressing the issue of vaccines. In Britain younger and younger children are being offered the jab and there are plans in place for a fourth vaccination for ‘the most vulnerable’. But that was the plan at the time the vaccines started to play a major role in the fight against the virus. As each cohort was vaccinated arguments were put up to extend it and extend and extend it and ….

Whether that policy will really be of any use remains to be seen. What is certain is that more and more money will be given to ‘Big Pharma’ and less and less vaccines will be getting to those in the poorer parts of the world who have barely seen one let alone four.

Vaccination programme in Britain ….

How anti-vaccine influencers exploit mothers.

Even though millions in throughout the world, much more ‘vulnerable’ than most children, have still to receive a single dose of any vaccine in the Wales and Scotland (and almost certainly soon in the rest of the UK) vaccines will be offered to children aged five to 11.

And four hours later – England to offer covid jab to five to 11-year-olds. Petty nationalism by petty-minded people. During a pandemic when everyone should be working together they still fight their historic battles.

The arguments here from the scientists who recommended this policy. Not sure if the arguments really stand-up. But here for you to make up your mind. Vaccination of 5 to 11 year-olds, More or Less, BBC Radio 4, 25th February 2022.

Covid and flu jabs could be given at same time in the autumn.

….. and the rest of the world

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The 24 members of the prestigious group were collectively handed over £115 million from the Government in furlough money.

Seven-week gap advised for elective surgery after Omicron.

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Corruption in Britain

Matt Hancock failed to comply with equality duty over Dido Harding appointment.

Taxpayer left to pay billions due to covid fraud.

UK taxpayers lose £15 billion to covid fraud in government schemes.

The Government response (in November 2021);

Our approach to error and fraud in the covid-19 support schemes. But how much will be recovered and how many will be prosecuted?

More on covid pandemic 2020-2?

View of the world

Ukraine – what you’re not told

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