Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – CND

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Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – CND

A selection of leaflets and pamphlets from the early 1980s which provide an idea of how the campaign was developing in the early years of the Thatcherite disaster. The early 1980s was probably the last resurgence of the movement against nuclear weapons in Britain – prompted by the agreement by the British government of the stationing of US imperialism’s cruise nuclear missiles in US airbases in the southern part of England.

The Neutron Bomb, Eric Burthop, CND, London, 1978, 20 pages.

Various leaflets, CND, London, ND., 1980s?, 10 pages.

Protest and Survive, EP Thompson, CND, London, 1980, 40 pages.

Domestic Nuclear Shelters, advice on domestic shelters providing protection against nuclear explosions, The Home Office (UK), Her majesty’s Stationary Office, London, 1981, 16 pages. The British Government’s idiotic approach to surviving a nuclear blast.

No Nuclear Weapons, Peter Kennard and Ric Sissions, CND and Pluto Press, London, 1981, 48 pages.

The Arms Drain, Job Risk and Industrial Decline, a Trade Union analysis, Tim Webb, CND, London, 1981, 48 pages.

30 Questions and Answers about CND, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, London, ND., 1982?, 8 pages.

Merseyside CND Magazine, April-May 1982, plus leaflets, Whitechapel Press, Liverpool, 1982, 22 pages.

Target North West, civil defence and nuclear war in Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester, Merseyside and Chester, Robert Poole and Steve Wright, the Richardson Institute Study Group on Civil Defence, Manchester Free Press, Manchester, 1982, 60 pages.

END, Journal of European Nuclear Disarmament, Issue 2, February-March, 1983, END, London, 1983, 36 pages.

Nuclear disarmament starts here, Ian Davison, CND, London, 1983, 46 pages.

The Defence of Britain, a sequel to Protest and Survive, EP Thompson, CND, London, 1983, 40 pages.

The Ground Launched Cruise Missile, a technical assessment, Tim Williams, Electronics for Peace, Maidenhead, 1983, 36 pages.

Nuclear Winter, a new dimension for the nuclear debate, Christopher Meredith, Owen Greene and Mike Pentz, Scientists against Nuclear Arms, London, 1984, 52 pages.

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