The early years of revolutionary struggle – Part 2 – The War of Resistance Against Japan – 1937-1946

Norman Bethune - Shihchiachuang City, Hopei

Norman Bethune – Shihchiachuang City, Hopei

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The early years of revolutionary struggle – Part 2 – The War of Resistance Against Japan – 1937-1946

China Can Win! The New Stage in the Aggression of Japanese Imperialism and the New Period in the Struggle of the Chinese People, by Wang Ming, (NY: Workers Library Publishers, 1937), 52 pages.

Four Months of War, a pen and picture record of the war between Japan and China in and around Shanghai from August 9 until December 20, 1937, by the North China Daily News, (Shanghai: 1937), 151 pages. This rare item represents the views of the British and other foreign Europeans and Americans resident in Shanghai at the outbreak of the war, and is surprisingly almost neutral (!) with regard to the war between Japan and China.

Heroic China – Fifteen Years of the Communist Party of China, by Pavel Miff, (NY: Workers Library Publishers, 1937), 98 pages. [Missing pages 92-93, and a few pages clipped along the edge during scanning.]

China’s Fight for National Liberation, by Chen Lin [Zhen Lin], (NY: Workers Library Publishers, 1938), 64 pages plus cover.

China’s New Crisis – with other authentic documents, Anna Louise Strong, Fore Publications, London, n.d., 1941?, 62 pages.

China resists, Edgar Snow, Modern Publishers, Calcutta, 1944, 178 pages. Abridged from Edgar Snow’s ‘Scorched Earth’.

Norman Bethune in China, a wonderful, inspiring work featuring fine ink drawings on every page. The adaptation is by Chung Chih-cheng, and the illustrations are by Hsu Jung-chu, Hsu Yung, Ku Lien-tang and Wang Yi-sheng. (Peking: FLP, 1975), 124 pages.

China’s New Democracy, by Mao Tse-tung. Introduction by Earl Browder[!]. (Toronto: Progress Books, 1944), 72 pages. [This major essay by Mao was written in January 1940, and appears in the different (authorized) translation under the title On New Democracy in the Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung, Vol. II, p. 339.]

In Guerrilla China, Report of the China Defence League chaired by Mme. Sun Yat-sen (Soong Ching Ling), (Chungking, China: 1943), 76 pages.

The Chinese Communists, by Stuart Gelder, (London: Victor Gollancz, 1946), 340 pages.

The Historical Experience of the War Against Fascism, by the Editorial Department of Renmin Ribao [People’s Daily], 1965, 27 pages.

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