Chiapa de Corzo – Chiapas – Mexico

Chiapa de Corzo - Chiapas

Chiapa de Corzo – Chiapas

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Chiapa de Corzo – Chiapas

Unfortunately, to date, I have been unable to find much information about this site – not even what it’s Mayan name might have been. The only information I have is what is written on the few information boards dotted around the site.

If more data is forthcoming then it will be added here in the future.

Until then it is hoped that the slide show gives an idea of what exists.

It is thought that a lot more of what used to be the Mayan settlement is now lying under the town of Chiapa itself.

Getting there;

From Chiapa de Corzo. The site is at the end of Calle Miguel Hidalgo, a road that is a right turn off the main road on the eastern edge of town, about a couple of hundred metres before the Nestlé factory. There is another, single, building, set at a junction of two roads, right opposite the main entrance to the factory. Combis run this route to the main square in Chiapa, M$8.



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