Zaculeu – Guatemala – Museum

Zaculeu - Guatemala - Museum

Zaculeu – Guatemala – Museum

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Zaculeu – Guatemala – Museum

The small museum is inside the entrance of the Zaculeu site.

It doesn’t have a lot of items and doesn’t provide a great deal of information about Zaculeu but some of what’s on show is interesting and is different from what I’ve seen elsewhere. That seems to be a general theme – not only do the various sites have something disctinctive to offer also the finds from these places seem to differ in slight ways as well.

It seems there was a major fire some years ago and some of the exhibits were taken into the town but there is no museum in the town of Huehuetenango itself so not sure where those artefacts might be.

Because the renovation of the structures of Zaculeu were ‘restored’ in the 1940s in such an anodyne manner it was perfect as a film set – for Tarzan of all things. Instead of providing photos of how the site looked BEFORE the ‘restoration’ there is a section taken on the film set – a missed opportunity.

At least in Zacaleu (which is now much more like a Mayan theme park than an archaeological site) there is an acceptance than nothing is wrong with what was done in the 1940s.

I tend to disagree.

How to get there;

A bus that goes right past the ruins can be picked up at the bottom end of Calle 2, beside the by the Salvador Osorio School. Q3.5


Q50 (to the site, which includes the museum.)

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