Caution: Flammable Liquid

Sunset Very Strong Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum

I wrote about the experience of drinking in the rum shacks of the Caribbean before I started the trip back on the sailing ship.

I mentioned that one of the most popular brands in the St Vincent islands was one called Sunset and that there was a warning about opening the bottle in the presence of a naked flame. At that time I didn’t have a bottle to hand to show that this was not just a joke.

An almost full bottle of Sunset made it all the way back across the Atlantic as the ship was dry when at sea and there were limited opportunities to imbibe on the few occasions we were on land before returning to the UK. I feel that it showed a considerable level of restraint in not touching the bottle as, I’m sure, a drop of this fire water would have helped to overcome sleep deprivation.

I’ve drunk all kinds of weird beverages in different parts of the world but, I must admit, this is the first time I’ve allowed a liquor to pass my lips where the producers have accepted that it’s equivalent to paint stripper.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures for your information.

Sunset Very Strong Rum

Sunset Very Strong Rum – warning


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