New Korea 1950-1958

Children playing

Children playing

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New Korea 1950-1958

Name changed to Korea Today in 1959. Published in Russian, Chinese and English.


6 – June, 63 pages. Missing covers.


6 – June, 38 pages.

Supplement, 13 pages. Missing pages 2-3. Includes an interesting decision of the DPRK government on supplying relief rice gratis to South Korean foodless peasants.

7 – July, 46 pages. Missing pages 34-35.

Supplement, 10 pages. Includes: ‘Visit of Delegation of USSR Supreme Soviet’, and ‘Statement of Government of DRPK’ (about U.S. threats to Armistice Agreement).

8 – August, 52 pages.

9 – September, 45 pages. [Missing pages 40-41 and back cover.]

Supplement, 13 pages. ‘Speech by Premier Kim Il Sung before Electorates of Moonduk Constituency’.

10 – October, 52 pages. Missing pages 48-49 and back cover.

Supplement, 22 pages. Includes: ‘Decisions of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK’, ‘Speech by Premier Kim Il Sung at the First Session of the Second Supreme People’s Assembly’, and ‘Speech by Premier Kim Il Sung at National Conference of Activists of Machine-building Industry’.

11 – November, 52 pages.

Supplement, 14 pages. Includes: ‘Joint Statement of the Government of the DPRK and the Government of the Bulgarian People’s Republic’, and ‘Statement of Minister of Foreign Affairs, DPRK, on Atrocities of U.S. Aggressive Army in South Korea’.

12 – December, 50 pages. Missing pages 48-49.

Index to Numbers 6-12, 1957, 4 pages.

More on the DPRK

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