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Lenin sweeping the world clean

Lenin sweeping the world clean

View of the world

There are many articles published each day which provide an interesting (and often insightful) analysis of the world in which we live – and how capitalism and imperialism manipulates populations and circumstances for its own financial gain.

Some might find a home in other pages on this blog but others are metaphorical ‘orphans’. This page seeks to provide them a home.

Reckoning with slavery: What a revolt’s archives tells us about who owns the past (2nd December 2020)

Wall Street takes workers’ retirement money and uses it against them (July 2021)

Britain is ensuring the death of a Palestinian state (23rd September 2021)

The UK claims to support a ‘two-state’ solution in Israel-Palestine but the body of a Palestinian state has long been in the morgue, although nobody dares to have a funeral. As long as Britain and other states continue to superficially endorse a two-state solution, Israel will become entrenched as a full-blown apartheid state with international blessing.

The Long Haitian Revolution (10th October 2021)

How developing countries can make mRNA covid vaccines (22nd October 2021)

Blockade Against Cuba Turns 60 (4th February 2022)

On fails to understand how it has been possible for the US to act against millions of people for so long and with so much hatred, a hatred without limits or rational explanation.

Give Putin what he wants (4th February 2022)

On October 8, 1962, Cuban President Osvaldo Dorticós told the UN General Assembly that there would be no need for Cuba to possess nuclear weapons were the US to guarantee that it would not invade Cuba as the US had attempted to do the year before. In other words, Cuba would trade missiles for a US security guarantee.

Now, Russia’s Vladimir Putin is requesting a guarantee that Ukraine will not join NATO. The US should agree.

UK spends over £80m on media in 20 countries around Russia (8th February 2022)

The British government is spending tens of millions on media projects in Eastern Europe which are often presented as fighting “Russian disinformation”, but which may involve the UK’s own information operations.

‘Deceitful activities’: US expands its intelligence and military presence in UK (9th February 2022)

The US is quietly preparing to upgrade its presence in Britain in moves with huge implications for UK security and vulnerability in an international crisis.

The legacy of Lester Mallory: Brief statement against the U.S. economic war against Cuba (10th February 2022)

It has now been 60 years since this U.S. enacted its “embargo” on Cuba. The term embargo is however, a gross understatement of the measures designed to undermine and overthrow the Cuban government, in the words of U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Interamerican Affairs, Lester Mallory (1960) “through disenchantment and disaffection based on economic dissatisfaction and hardship”. The concept of ‘economic war’ is a much more accurate depiction.

Blood on London’s hands (10th February 2022)

Whitehall knew for decades that the UDA paramilitary group was carrying out wholesale murder – yet ministers long refused to ban it as a terrorist organisation and officials continued to meet its leaders.

How can the US accuse any nation of violating ‘Rules-Based International Order’? (10th February 2022)

Sometimes the hypocrisy of the US government, especially when it comes to foreign affairs, is just too much to let pass.

America’s real adversaries are its European and other allies (11th February 2022)

The U.S. aim is to keep them from trading with China and Russia

America’s sanctions on its allies hurt their economies, not those of Russia and China

Oil diplomacy and America’s dream for post-Soviet Russia

U.S. dreams of a neoliberalized China as a U.S. corporate affiliate

U.S. demands are driving its allies out of the dollar-NATO trade and monetary orbit

UK commanders in Ukraine met neo-Nazi-linked National Guard to ‘deepen military cooperation’ (15th February 2022)

Ukraine’s National Guard says that in meeting last year the UK military agreed to start training its forces, which include a thousand-strong neo-Nazi unit. The UK Ministry of Defence disputes the claim.

Jeff Bezos wants all of us to satisfy his every whim (15th February 2022)

A billionaire literally dismantling public infrastructure to serve his most superficial whim — Jeff Bezos’s recent attempt to get the city of Rotterdam to dismantle its historic bridge to fit his gigantic yacht feels like a metaphor for our current stage of capitalism.

Suharto’s US-backed coup in Indonesia supplied a template for worldwide mass murder (15th February 2022)

Under the leadership of Sukarno, postcolonial Indonesia was an optimistic country finding its place on the world stage. Suharto’s 1965 coup drowned that experiment in blood, with US politicians and media cheering on his campaign of mass killings.

Britain and Australia’s resource grab in Afghanistan (16th February 2022)

A little-known aspect of the disastrous Western occupation of Afghanistan was that UK and Australian companies sought to access the country’s $3 trillion worth of untapped minerals – with little regard for the welfare of Afghans.

Can those prosecuted for acts of violence and recklessly endangering the public order, with no program, no proposals for positive change, be considered political prisoners? (16th February 2022)

A few days after the March 10, 1952 coup in Cuba, the young attorney Fidel Castro, “with a law office at Tejadillo, No. 57,” filed a complaint in court charging Fulgencio Batista with the crime of sedition. Motivated by personal interest or cowardice, the legal team of jurists, defending Batista’s coup against the 1940 Constitution, alleged that his actions did not constitute a coup, but rather a revolution, which was acceptable under the law.

Theranos Verdict: In the U.S., it is fine to lie to consumers but not to investors

Hyper-capitalism has systematically weakened regulations to help capital at the cost of consumers. The verdict on the Elizabeth Holmes case illustrates the truth: Protecting private property is central to bourgeois law, not people.

America’s Disastrous 60-Year War (21st February 2022)

Three generations of conspicuous destruction by the Military-Industrial Complex and a New Cold War.

Russia-Ukraine is an Information War, so government intelligence needs more scrutiny than ever (22nd February 2022)

The threat of war is difficult to beat when it comes to mending or enhancing a damaged reputation. President Joe Biden and Boris Johnson, both derided as ineffective in domestic policy only a few weeks ago, are now reborn as statesmen capable of guiding their countries through the minefield of Eastern European politics.

Bob Dylan, Masters of War and the Ukraine Crisis (23rd February 2022)

Red-white-and-blue chauvinism is running wild. Yet there are real diplomatic alternatives to the collision course for war.

WWII Redux: The endpoint of U.S. policy, from Ukraine to Taiwan (23rd February 2022)

The threatened peoples of East Asia and Europe can stop the U.S. drive to restore its global domination.

Arms industry sees Ukraine conflict as an opportunity, not a crisis (2nd March 2022)

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine, pounding cities with ordnance and dispatching troops across the border. The sonic boom of fighter jets filled the air, as civilians flooded the highways in Kyiv, attempting to flee the capital. And the stock value of arms makers soared.

‘We are not the ones who owe; it’s capital and the state who owe us’: why feminists scholars and activists are working to destigmatise debt. (11th March 2022)

‘We want to be alive, free and without debt.’ With slogans such as these, Argentinian feminists are attempting to expose the connection between debt, global finance, labour exploitation and male violence.

Corporate Courts Vs The Climate (18th March 2022)

Fossil fuel companies are using secretive tribunals written into trade deals to sue governments for more than $18 billion over climate policy.

The horrific scam that water billionaires are running on poor countries (21st March 2022)

Mega corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Danone are making around 494 times what they spend by bottling water in Mexico and selling it back to locals who have no choice but to buy it.

It’s all oligarchs all the way down (22nd March 2022)

Today’s US propaganda barrage seeks to demonize the Russians as thoroughly and completely as possible, which now ironically includes attacks on Russia’s oligarchy. This could, and hopefully will, open a can of worms for US oligarchic orchestrators of such propaganda, whose hypocrisy is apparently bottomless. If the Russian oligarchs are monsters, what about our own plutocrats? Today we are offered a typical capitalist “choice.” Which national set of oligarchs do we want to “support” and die for?

Bernie Sanders on the Worldwide Oligarchy (23rd March 2022)

‘We are in a struggle between a progressive movement that mobilizes around a shared vision of prosperity, security and dignity for all people, against one that defends oligarchy and massive global income and wealth inequality’

Judge Jackson’s hearing proves that all the Sold-Out GOP has left is performance art. (23rd March 2022)

They’ve sold out to big money and don’t give a rat’s ass about the issues that really matter to most Americans.

Julian Assange posed PR problem for UK government’s media campaign (23rd March 2022)

UK officials were worried about public reaction to their hosting a media freedom event a few miles from Belmarsh prison, where Assange is incarcerated. The Foreign Office monitored activity online, developed ‘lines to take’ and warned ‘we should be ready’, emails show.

A food crisis was brewing even before the Ukraine war (24th March 2022)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to the disruption, by sanctions or war, of two of the world’s largest grain exporters. This means 2022 is shaping up to be a very difficult year for the global food system. … Yet there were concerns that this system was creaking at the seams as far back as 2007.

Have We Forgotten…Afghanistan (24th March 2022)

The US 20-year war and occupation in Afghanistan, waged to avenge the September 11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people, has taken the lives of more than 71,000 Afghani and Pakistani civilians

Madeleine Albright Was a Killer (24th March 2022)

She was a pioneering imperialist who passionately advocated greater use of deadly violence in pursuit of a US-dominated post–Cold War global order — and killed many, many people in the process.

Unbeknown to most, a CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) – enabled financial revolution is coming that will radically transform our lives (and probably not for the better) (25th March 2022)

Around 90 central banks are either in the process of experimenting with or are already piloting central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). In a world of just over 190 countries that is a large number, but given they include the European Central Bank (ECB) which alone represents 19 Euro Area economies, the actual number of economies involved is well over 100. Together those economies represent more than 90% of global GDP.

Britain uses vast swathes of one of the world’s most biodiverse countries for military training — and pays nothing. (29th March 2022 – originally posted on Declassified on 4th February 2020)

The British army is using one-sixth of Belize’s total landmass for jungle warfare training after gaining access to more than a dozen sites across the former UK colony in Central America, it can be revealed.

The Death Spiral of Globalization (30th March 2022)

After all, globalization is just a sanitized term to describe the ugly truth of the market system in which human and natural resources are exploited by wealthy nations that simply go to places with the fewest human rights and/or environmental regulations to obtain their goods — be it products of brutal sweatshops or oil, gas, and minerals. The resulting human and ecological disasters are then simply written off as the “price of doing business” in the global marketplace.

Afghanistan facing ‘total collapse’ as Biden refuses to release Central Bank assets (30th March 2022)

‘If the Afghan economy is not resuscitated, the severity of the current humanitarian crisis will only deepen, with dire consequences for life and limb of ordinary Afghans’.

‘Their inflation strategy Is working’: corporate profits soared to record high in 2021 (31st March 2022)

We’ve regularly described how the corporate profits as a share of GDP has been at close to 12% for years, which is twice the level Warren Buffet deemed to be unsustainably high in the early 2000s. These egregious profits are at the expense of low and mid level workers.

The importance of custody, or NATO’s Internal Gold War (4th April 2022)

Russia´s new rubles or gold payment requirements for any of its goods or services will necessarily prompt a major gold war between the UK and the EU probably resulting in NATO´s first-ever internal head-on gloves-off confrontation.

Falklands: Should UK negotiate with or defy Argentina? (4th April 2022)

While Britain currently claims sole ownership of the disputed Falkland Islands, UK records show past governments being willing to compromise and that the question of sovereignty is far from certain.

ExxonMobil announces $10 billion oil investment the same day Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) signals end for fossil fuels (6th April 2022)

 …. a $10 billion final investment decision for an oil and gas development project in the South American nation of Guyana that the company said would allow it to add a quarter of a million barrels of oil a day to its production in 2025.

The sun never set: British army’s secret payments to colonial-era farms (6th April 2022)

Almost 60 years after Kenya’s independence from Britain, the former colonial power is paying white landowners so it can conduct dangerous military exercises in East Africa. But the cost of these payments is shrouded in secrecy.

Ethiopia: crimes against humanity in Western Tigray Zone (6th April 2022)

Amhara regional security forces and civilian authorities in Ethiopia’s Western Tigray Zone have committed widespread abuses against Tigrayans since November 2020 that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. .. Ethiopian authorities have severely restricted access and independent scrutiny of the region, keeping the campaign of ethnic cleansing largely hidden.

Why Stop at the Russian Oligarchs? (12th April 2022)

At a time when Russian bombs are destroying Ukrainian cities, there is good reason to focus on the oligarchs supporting the Kremlin. But do American multi-billionaires and Saudi princes enjoy less political clout, stash less money abroad, and use their influence any better?

Stormy days coming for solar power in the Sunshine State (13th April 2022)

All-powerful for-profit utilities have apparently bribed/persudaded Floria officials to crush what they consider to be a developing threat – Solar Power.

Biometric Surveillance Systems are being hastily rolled out across the West, with next to no public debate (12th April 2022)

By embracing biometric surveillance, governments across the West are hurtling down a path that could lead us all to a very dark place. 

How serious is antibiotic resistance? (16th April 2022)

‘By the 1950’s the US industry was “painting” steaks with antibiotics to extend their shelf life. They were washing spinach with antibiotics. Sometimes they even mixed antibiotics into ground meat. You could buy antibiotic soap. The stuff leaked everywhere. Studies at the time found penicillin even in milk and some people promptly developed an allergy to it.’

Latin America, the Caribbean and the War in Ukraine (18th April 2022)

As Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine moves through its second month, its unconcealable economic impact continues to grow at the global level. Price rises in energy, food and fertilizer have driven up inflation to levels that haven’t been seen in decades, leading to higher interest rates that will stall economic growth.

British army destroyed files in Kenya (21st April 2022)

The UK military destroyed paper records from its Kenyan headquarters after the murder of a local woman, in an echo of Operation Legacy – the bonfire of records at the end of Empire.

British ammo almost certainly maimed Kenyan boy – new evidence (22nd April 2022)

A UK military investigation seen by Declassified found dozens of potential hazards to civilians in Kenya from unexploded bombs, and training exercises producing enough military debris to fill 13 shipping containers.

Jimmy Dore gives Barack Obama what’s what on censorship of social media (26th April 2022)

Prince William petitioned by Kenyan land grab victims (4th May 2022)

Their families were brutally evicted by the British empire to make way for tea plantations. Now they want the crown to apologise.

James Galbraith: The Dollar System in a Multi-Polar World (6th May 2022)

The dollar has by now been de facto the primary world reserve asset for over a hundred years, first because of US preeminence in the holding of gold and its creditor position with respect to the European belligerents in the Great War. In 1944 US military and industrial power, soon to be backed, in the shadows, by a monopoly over the atomic bomb, were the foundations of the gold-exchange standard established at Bretton Woods.

Our Men in Manila (6th May 2022)

The British establishment supported the authoritarianism of both Ferdinand Marcos in the 1980s and Rodrigo Duterte from 2016 until now – the two darkest chapters in the post-independence history of the Philippines.

Schoolchildren as young as 14 targeted in 1975 for links to ‘subversive’ anti-fascist and socialist organisations.

US Air Force deployment in Britain is third largest in world (10th May 2022)

Only Japan and Germany, countries occupied by the US military after World War 2, host more US airmen than Britain. Nuclear-capable American B-52 bombers were recently deployed in Gloucestershire amid Ukraine tensions.

Hundreds of Native children died at Government boarding schools [in the US] (11th May 2022)

Hundreds of Native children died at boarding schools the U.S. government forced them to attend from 1819 to 1969 in a violent, racist attempt to assimilate Native people and take their territories, according to an Interior Department report.

Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh assassinated by Israeli Army troops in Jenin Refugee Camp (11th May 2022)

Veteran Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed by Israeli forces in occupied West Bank. The 51-year-old, covering an Israeli army raid on the Jenin refugee camp when she was shot in the face by a single bullet despite wearing a press vest

Britain plotted propaganda campaign against Amnesty International (11th May 2022)

Declassified files from the early 1970s show the UK government secretly sought to discredit the human rights organisation’s investigation into British torture in Northern Ireland and its notorious ‘Five Techniques’.

Hunger crisis grips Horn of Africa – but 80% of Britons unaware. (12th May 2022)

UK government urged to act as worst drought in 40 years threatens region while aid efforts and global attention remain focused on Ukraine war

Not war alone (12th May 2022)

The global food crisis. Made worse, but not caused, by the war in the Ukraine.

Johnson’s Saudi WhatsApps to stay secret (13th May 2022)

WhatsApp messages that may have been sent between Britain’s Prime Minister and the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia will not be made public.

The super immunity of our fabulously wealthy corporate dictators (16th May 2022)

Ever since the heads of East India Trading Company (1600) and Hudson Bay Company (1670), were incorporated by English Royal charters, there have been corporate dictators. Their range and actions, have varied widely however. Today’s new corporate dictators shatter past restraints.

ICE is tracking your every move (16th May 2022)

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has become known for both mass deportations and unmarked-van snatchings of peaceful protesters. ICE also turns out to be operating a vast intelligence system that tracks the movements of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Peru sues Spanish oil giant Repsol for billions after ‘worst ever’ oil spill (17th May 2022)

Peru’s prime minister, Mirtha Vásquez, claims that Repsol “apparently” did not even have a contingency plan in place for an oil spill. 

How the US sent $12 billion in cash to Iraq. And watched it vanish. (17th May 2022 – this article originally appeared in February 2007 but is reproduced here as it is relevant when we consider what is being proposed following the US Congress’s decision to approve a 40 billion dollar package for the Ukraine.)

Special flights brought in tonnes of banknotes which disappeared into the war zone.

‘A shameful distinction’: US ranked world’s biggest perpetrator of financial secrecy (17th May 2022)

‘That isn’t a prize the U.S. wants to claim for itself,’ said one critic.

Was Ozark Actually About the Clintons? (17th May 2022)

In its last season, Ozark goes beyond family drama. It critiques the insidious ways that capitalism and political power work in America and the self-interested choices elites make to keep climbing the ladder.

The Tory Guide to Surviving the Cost of Living Crisis (20th May 2022)

Across the UK, parents are struggling to balance bills with feeding their children, workers are juggling several jobs at the expense of their mental and physical health, and more and more people are being driven to food banks, with food prices predicted to reach ‘apocalyptic’ levels. Luckily for all of us though, some kindly Tory MPs have offered their top-tier budgeting advice, to help people to cope with the crippling cost of living crisis.