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With Spring - Nexhat Hajellari

With Spring – Nexhat Hajellari

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New Albania – 1969-70

New Albania was a political, social and cultural illustrated periodical appearing bi-monthly in Albanian, Chinese, Russian, French, English and Arabic. It started its publication in the early days of the Socialist Republic in 1947 and was published until everything fell apart in Albania in 1991.

Through the use of pictures, cartoons, stories and short pieces about the people and the lifestyle of ordinary Albanian workers the magazine sought to provide a view of the country that was otherwise never publicised in the rest of the world. This covered such aspects of Albanian society as Socialist industry, collectivised agriculture and education. Also it sought to give an introduction to the history of the country with articles on archaeology, linguistics, folklore and traditional dress and activities, literature, cinema and the history of art in the pre-Socialist era.

The magazine, which was lighter in its presentation, preceded the publication of ‘Albania Today’ (from the end of 1971), which was much more of a theoretical magazine that made a contribution to the various debates in the International Communist Movement.

At the moment we only have access to a limited number of issues and they will be posted as soon as possible. As with the request made on the ‘Albania Today’ page we would always welcome the loan of missing issues so that they, too, can be made available to a wider readership.

New Albania: 1971, 1972,

New Albania - No 6, 1969

New Albania – No 6, 1969


Contents include:

JV Stalin – Lenin’s faithful disciple and comrade in arms

The revolutionary spirit in Albanian painting and sculpture by A Kuqali

A chapter from ‘The Castle’ by Ismail Kadare

Andrea Aleksi – a distinguished sculpture of the XV century  


New Albania, No 1 1970

New Albania, No 1 1970


Contents include:

‘Ideas engraved on stone’ – the story of sculpture in Socialist Albania

Our folk dances

Attempt upon the king’s life

Our Encyclopedia – answers to questions about Albania


New Albania - No 2 1970

New Albania – No 2 1970


Contents include:

The school which gives eyesight to the blind

A happy old age

We, the youth of the plant

Cadres who are engaged in production work



New Albania - No 3, 1970

New Albania – No 3, 1970


Contents include:

The most ‘privileged’ – young children in Socialist Albania

The patient and the scalpel – medicine in Socialist Albania

Past Values Preservation Institute – restoration of religious buildings



New Albania, No 4, 1970

New Albania, No 4, 1970


Contents include:

What do we vote for?

Together with the geologists

The Green Laboratories

Youth taking part in mass undertakings

A nation rising in arms


New Albania - No 5 1970

New Albania – No 5 1970


Contents include:

Electrification of Albania

The way of copper

‘The Golden Necklace’ is brought to Tirana

Our Riviera

A children’s hospital


New Albania - No 6 1970

New Albania – No 6 1970


Contents include:

Nuclear Energy in the service of mankind

Albania in International Fairs and Exhibitions

Saplings of music

Illyrians and Albanians

The Mosaics of Lini



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