Chinese Literature – 1964

The magnificent hydroelectric power station on the Xi'an river

The magnificent hydroelectric power station on the Xi’an river

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Chinese Literature Magazine 1964

By 1964 the break between the Communist Parties of China and the Soviet Union had reached a point of no return. The Communist Party of China had tried longer than the only other anti-Revisionist ruling Party (the Party of Labour of Albania) to maintain good relations with the first Socialist state. However, the actions of Khrushchov and the other sycophantic revisionist parties throughout the world meant that the International Communist Movement was now divided into two hostile camps.

This situation was reflected in the issues and documents that were published in Peking Review (the weekly informative magazine which published the views and analysis of the ruling Party) and throughout 1964 the documents that became known as the ‘International Polemic’ appeared for the first time. These were later published in pamphlet form and were distributed as part of the debate surrounding the Cultural Revolution after 1966.

The importance that Chairman Mao Tse-tung had placed on the role of literature and art in the development of the Socialist revolution meant that soon this polemic would work its way through the cultural magazines being published at the time.

Although (at present) only two issues from 1964 are available it is possible to appreciate that the appearance of a novel (The Builders) – which encapsulated the different approach of revolutionaries and the revisionists (both internationally and within China itself) – presaged the major assault on the cultural front that would really take off from the second half of 1966.

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Chinese Literature - 1964 - No 1

Chinese Literature – 1964 – No 1


Contents include:

Writings of the last generation – Wang Tung-chao and Wu Tsu-hsiang

Introduction to classical painting

Notes on drama




Chinese Literature - 1964 - No 2

Chinese Literature – 1964 – No 2



Contents include:

Excerpt from the novel ‘The Builders’ by Liu Ching

Writings of the last generation – Yang Chen-sheng

Notes on art


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